[Virtual Immersive Experience] SHERWOOD & NOTTINGHAM Season 2

[Virtual Immersive Experience] SHERWOOD & NOTTINGHAM Season 2
Courtesy of SpyBrunch, LLC
Being able to spend time exploring familiar worlds, interacting with like-minded friends, and just being able to play has certainly been in short supply over the last year. While virtual events and conventions replaced the once plentiful opportunities to pretend and interact, they always seemed less than, leaving you wishing for a return to pre-2020. That is until I signed up for SHERWOOD & NOTTINGHAM: Season Two.

Spy Brunch LLC, the award-winning group, filled the void of interactive roleplaying last year with the excellent SHERWOOD & NOTTINGHAM: Season One, an online, interactive, and immersive experience that combined storytelling, interactive theater, and make-believe.

Now they are back with Season Two, with an all-new experience inspired once again by the tales of Robin Hood, his band of Merry Men, and of course, the Sheriff of Nottingham.

And even though the inspiration was that story and setting from long ago, this altered reality was modern, combining the medieval, the modern, and the magical. The experience touched all aspects of the senses, from sight to sound even to taste. The locations were filled with enticing yet simple, clean imagery. My favorite hang was the Crystal Playground.  Then I enjoyed exploring the natural beauty of the Arboretum. One of the most rewarding aspects was that the spaces sometimes included ambient soundscape to underscore your adventure. You could even visit a location for players in LA and enjoy a concoction from a themed recipe from the Roguelike Tavern. The Marian Fizz was a favorite with Gin and Bitters and a surprise when you squeezed in your lime wedge.

You felt you lived in this space, which only supported the storyline. You cared. You could go to the theatre, the sheriff’s department, the market… and all were fully fleshed out.

In a virtual world filled with content vying for your greatest commodity of time, this experience truly made you feel like you were part of a community where your actions and voice influenced the world on your computer. The experience almost seemed never-ending. The acting and interaction were superb, with characters that you wanted to love and hate. It was easy to follow, and even though I went deep down the rabbit hole, a casual player would also find so much to do that was both quality and engaging.

I spent many hours exploring the world and, now that it is over, I cannot wait to see what this fantastic group of artists and architects dream up next. I certainly hope there will be a season three of SHERWOOD & NOTTINGHAM, as well as some new space to explore. I am a fan and a follower. There was intrigue, excitement, adventure and – most of all – it was fun!

Sherwood & Nottingham Season 2 Teaser from Nick Rheinwald-Jones on Vimeo.

J. Michael Roddy

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