[Movie Review] LA DOSIS
Courtesy of Samuel Goldwyn Films
LA DOSIS is brought to us by Martín Kraut, both writer and director, with surprisingly few titles under his belt. For being only his second feature film, LA DOSIS shines brightly, and I’m eager for his future films.

Marcos Roldán (Carlos Portaluppi) has a pretty dreary life. Middle-aged, single, and quiet, he works the midnight shift at a second-rate hospital, and without much going his way. That is until a new nurse arrives to change everything. Gabriel (Ignacio Rogers) is charming, kind, and goes out of his way to befriend Marcos. However, as patients start dying at a rapid rate, Marcos begins to unravel the secrets of Gabriel, getting perhaps a bit too close himself.

LA DOSIS is a slow-burn drama/thriller; it’s dreary and barely above a monotone, while quietly building anxiety within its darkness. It focuses on the characters, their interactions, and their development. So, that is to say, that I loved watching it.

Movies can’t all be Sky Sharks or The Conjuring; there has to be room in horror for hushed and subtle stories. We also need well-shot and cleverly acted soft little films that expand and open slowly to us. And LA DOSIS falls exactly into that category.

Carlos Portaluppi as Marcos and Ignacio Rogers as Gabriel bring a unique chemistry to their characters, both bringing their own depth and engagement to each scene. Marcos as the sad, cold-peas-eating everyman is forced to face his own self and morality in this strange circumstance. While Gabriel is boyish and dark, akin to Norman Bates, who delights in death and manipulation. They are both incredibly compelling and interesting characters, especially in the hands of these two actors.

The cinematography (Gustavo Biazzi) is beautiful, utilizing both light/shadows and reflections to heighten the tension and explore the characters’ emotional state. The music (Juan Tobal) is subtle and appropriated well within each scene, creating either a morose backdrop or a clutching grip onto the unfolding story. And the editing (Eliane Katz) is smooth and flowing, creating a steady but deliberate pace. My congratulations to all those involved in this gem of a film.

For those who enjoy a slow exploration of characters and story, ethics and sexuality, LA DOSIS sounds like just what the doctor ordered.

LA DOSIS, from distributor Samuel Goldwyn Films, is now available on-demand and digital.

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