[News] EBOLA REX Arrives on DVD and Digital June 8
Courtesy of Wild Eye Releasing
Wild Eye Releasing has unveiled the official poster, trailer, and release date for the questionably wild film, EBOLA REX. All I know is I’m pretty sure I would not hug this dinosaur…and I’d hug a lot of things. Make sure you check out the trailer below and let us know what you think!

This June, beware the diseased dinosaur!

Starring screen veteran Mel Novak (Game of Death, An Eye for an Eye), and directed by Dustin Ferguson (Apex Predators, Amityville Clownhouse), EBOLA REX sees an infected T-Rex escaping from a Science Lab in downtown Los Angeles, destroying everything in its path!

Clint Beaver (Arachnado, Nemesis 5: The New Model), Shawn C. Phillips (Mutant Vampires from the Planet Neptune, Massacre Academy), and Mike Ferguson (Toilet Zombie Baby Strikes Back, “Death Squad”) star opposite EBOLA REX, which will be stomping onto DVD and Digital on June 8 from Wild Eye Releasing!

About Wild Eye Releasing

A leader in independent cinema since 2008, represents horror, exploitation, dark arthouse, cult and documentary films from around the world. It is their mission to bring new and talented filmmakers and their work to as large an audience as possible, creating both traditional and digital opportunities for lower budgeted films made outside the studio system.

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