[Article] Inside HBO's THE NEVERS Custom Penance's Curiosities & Cocktail Compendium
Inside THE NEVERS Custom Penance’s Curiosities & Cocktail Compendium
HBO’s custom Penance’s Curiosities + Cocktail Compendium for THE NEVERS is a show-loving, steampunk, magic nerd’s dream.

To rework Stanley Tucci as Nigel’s quote from The Devil Wears Prada, “You think this is a box? This is not just a box!” This box has a gorgeous wooden/leather exterior with two-tiered surprises housed within its Victrola-looking walls. The entire experience is beautiful for fans of the show as well as those who love magic, steampunk creativeness, divination and fun. The box was created with HBO partnering with RQ creative agency with Penance Adair’s penchant for curiosity in mind. From the adorable hole to unlock the box having the design of a hand holding a lightbulb (Eureka!), to the tools that accompany the box to unlock it, this box is gorgeous.

The compendium also comes with a voucher for Hendricks Gin, a Scottish gin that launched in 1999. When you unlock the box and delve in, there are treats and experiences galore. Easter eggs tying the contents to the show include a Victorian-inspired custom tea set, complete with saucers, cups, teapot, and little spoons.

Inside there’s a false bottom hiding more joys. The contents of this unique box include:

  • A Custom Tarot Card Deck styled in the manner of characters from the show (there’s an easter egg in here somewhere as well!). Fans of the show and fans of divination will have fun using this. Perhaps we can even divine where the show is headed.
  • Penance’s Notebook that has drawings sketched throughout—natural for an inventor—as well as cocktail recipes crafted by Vance Henderson, National Ambassador, Hendricks Gin, Bad Birdy, The Cocktail Bandits and Ashton Barry. Plus space to fill the pages with your own ideas and inventions.
  • Penance’s Handkerchief
  •  Victorian Trinket Box
  •  Victorian-era Measuring Tape that will have designers and inventors excited
  • Faust Opera Poster & Character Invitation
  • Hendrick’s Gin Cucumber Circumvolutor (aka cucumber spiralizer). If you’re not sure what this is, count on Penance’s Notebook to help you find out!
  • Levitating ‘Hoverbulb’ Lightbulb that truly does hover above the device. The lightbulb can easily be a bedside addition for late-night reading and crafting! It connects with Penance’s ability to sense energy and Bess Cassini’s talent to make objects float.
  •  Liquor/Tea Infuser
  • High-end Teas that smell delicious! Tea drinkers will be in heaven with this selection.
  • Tea Accoutrements

Fans of HBO’s THE NEVERS are going to be brimming with excitement to find out what happens next through the contents in this treasure trove of goodies. So much of the box, including the box itself, is also useful to store contents. Here’s to sipping some delicious chamomile tea while doing a tarot reading to divine what your turn is—Tatianna Tarot can help with that—under the light of the Hoverbulb!

HBO’s THE NEVERS premiered on April 11, 2021.

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