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For roughly five years, I’ve been diving into old Exploitation, Grindhouse, and Z grade movies. Some of them are classics while others are not. In 2007, Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino wrote and directed Grindhouse as their tribute to those types of movies. Unfortunately, it was a commercial failure but now has a really cool cult following. After Grindhouse, several filmmakers (mainly indie filmmakers) came out of the woodwork and started making their own Grindhouse-type of movies. Some of them overdo the cheesiness and contain bad acting, making the movies extremely unwatchable but others, like Joe Bizarro’s BRIDES OF SATAN, find the balance of craziness while still making it very enjoyable.

Before we continue, here’s the plot:

In a dystopian city of depravity and crime, an innocent young girl must become a hero, and avenge her fiance’s death at the hands of a merciless gang of sadistic strippers. When a happy young couple in the dawn of love [MARY and CHARLIE] are kidnapped by a gang of thrill-seekers [BRIDES of SATAN], a brutal and terrifying evening unfolds, leaving the lone survivor to stand against the looming forces of darkness and evil.


From the moment the movie gets rolling, we’re treated to a very sexy Punk Strip show to set the tone of what kind of movie this is going to be. After that, it gives me exactly what I was looking for in a Grindhouse-style film – Blood, Babes, & Satan! The cast of BRIDES OF SATAN does a fantastic job in playing their parts but not overdoing it. The MVP goes to Mindy Robinson who plays Mary aka the woman out for revenge. Her character could’ve been played like the typical annoying blonde but Mindy’s performance, along with the script written by Joe Bizarro and Noel Maitland, made her go from likable to a cool badass towards the end. The Brides themselves (Malice McMunn, Joanna Angel, and Rachel Rampage) play their parts like they just came out of a Russ Meyer movie across the street with fun lines and badass moves that make you want to get beaten up by them.

The look of this film is very nicely shot. Kudos to the Director of Photography and co-writer Noel Maitland. I also want to mention the energetic score by Jamie Coghill and Matt Rappoli. There’s close to an hour of in-your-face, dance-worthy music that’ll keep you pumped from beginning ’til the end. The gore factor is very enjoyable, with some sweet kills and a cool-looking demon beast to top off the movie.

Co-writer/director Joe Bizarro crafts a satisfying love letter to the Grindhouse genre that would play perfectly at a drive-in or as a midnight movie at the New Beverly Cinema. If you’re a fan of Russ Meyer’s work, ’80s Genre Punk, and revenge movies, Joe Bizarro’s BRIDES OF SATAN is without a doubt the movie you should check out.

BRIDES OF SATAN is available on a Double Disc (Limited Edition with Bonus Features) blu ray now from Darkside Releasing. Single Disc Blu Ray and DVD on June 8th and VOD coming soon.

BRIDES OF SATAN – UNCUT TRAILER from Darkside Releasing on Vimeo.

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