[Fantaspoa Film Review] MISTER LIMBO
[Fantaspoa Film Review] MISTER LIMBO
MISTER LIMBO l Courtesy of Robert G. Putka

MISTER LIMBO is brought to us by writer/director, Robert G. Putka. Marketed as a dark comedy with drama, redemption, and friendship, this indie film was backed by Kickstarter funds. It stars Hugo de Sousa (as titular character, Mister Limbo, A.K.A. Henrique/Enrique) and Vig Norris (as Craig, A.K.A. Silas).

Waking up in the vast desert wasteland, our main character (Hugo de Sousa) tries to piece together what happened – where he’s at and (most importantly) who he is. During his travels, he comes upon another man (Vig Norris) who is just as confused as he is.Together, as they travel through the surreal landscape, the duo encounters other strange characters in their attempts to understand why they’re there and who they are. However, the longer they stay in this wasteland, the more their memories begin to resurface and they begin to accept their strange predicament and where they may be heading…

So, I’ll be honest, when I saw the director’s statement (“I made this film after having emerged from a tumultuous period in my life”), I was nervous. Usually, projects like these can go sideways. Personal projects can sometimes be too personal, to the point of completely removing the audience’s engagement and understanding. So, I went into this film with a touch of skepticism.

Having said that, I was surprised and delighted by MISTER LIMBO. This movie has enjoyable surrealism, genuine comedy, and such heart, I was completely blown away as it came together in the end. I’m still thinking about it and that says a lot about the depth and resonance of MISTER LIMBO. This is a passion project that really pulled it together for an enjoyable and deeper watch.

Still from MISTER LIMBO l Courtesy of Robert G. Putka

However, know that you’re in for a slower burn and slower build type of movie. This isn’t going to jump out and explain everything to you. There are moments to suspend your disbelief as the characters do. And while, yes, you know exactly where our characters are, that’s not the point of MISTER LIMBO. The focus of MISTER LIMBO is who these characters are at their very core.

The chemistry between de Sousa and Norris was crucial to the plot and engagement of MISTER LIMBO, and they nailed it. Their friendship builds over time and is sweet and genuine. They have excellent rhythm and flow together as characters and as actors. De Sousa particularly stood out, even making me have major feels during a close-up monologue, which is so difficult to do. The scene entirely relies on his acting and he killed it.

The locations were perfect. The other characters were strange and wild enough to piece the story along. The music was lovely (although I’m curious what the lyrics meant and their relevance to the story). And I don’t usually enjoy hand-held camera work, but this movie was solid, bringing to life the distress and anxiety of Mister Limbo.

There are even possible hints of the characters’ backgrounds and identities that the film warrants a second viewing. I feel like it’s the type of movie that will reveal more the more you watch it. So, with that being said, I recommend you lose yourself in MISTER LIMBO; you just might find something deeper than you’d expect.

MISTER LIMBO is having its world premiere at this year’s online edition of Fantaspoa Fantastic Film Festival.

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