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Sometimes there are genre films that are artistically executed in such a way that you just absolutely need to know how everything was done. You have to know what went into the fights, the casting, and the special FX makeup and character designs, etc. Or, maybe that’s just me. Nonetheless, this is how I felt when I first watched PG: PSYCHO GOREMAN a couple of months ago. The latest from writer/director Steven Kostanski doesn’t disappoint. And, with the recent release of the Blu-ray and DVD, fans of the film have access to over 2 hours’ worth of behind-the-scenes extras to fulfill the inner needs of even the geekiest of little hearts.

Siblings Mimi (Nita-Josee Hanna, Books of Blood) and Luke (Owen Myre, “NOS4A2,”) accidentally awaken an ancient alien overlord with no name from a millennia-long prison sentence. Why was this overlord imprisoned you ask? Well, he attempted to destroy the universe after working under an oppressive system that exploited his labor. While the creature has no chill, Mimi is undaunted, especially when it’s discovered that she is in possession of a magical amulet that enables her to force the creature to obey every single command she makes. Every. Single. Command. If you know children well, you know this is an absolutely awful idea.

They decide to give the evil creature the name Psycho Goreman (Matthew Ninabe, Transference), which they shorten to PG to keep things easier. PG’s re-appearance, though, triggers attention across the galaxy. There are those who want to destroy him, remembering the destruction he caused eons ago. And there are others who wish to help him, for a price that is. As the galaxy’s creatures start to zero in on this small Earth town, the fate of the galaxy may be up to Mimi and Luke. But first, we get a heavy dose of sitcom-style shenanigans, which sow the seeds of heartwarming payoff that we experience at the film’s end.

The transfer to Blu-ray is seamless. Visually, it doesn’t appear anything has changed with the transfer, so there’s not much to comment on there. However, the Blu-ray and DVD of PG: PSYCHO GOREMAN is – honestly – a treasure trove of content. For casual enthusiasts, artisans, and movie buffs, the behind-the-scenes extras and special features make this Blu-ray well-worth being added to your movie shelf.

Roughly half of the Blu-ray/DVD extras focus on interviews with the cast and writer/director Steven Kostanski. The Director’s Commentary edition of the PG: PSYCHO GOREMAN is a must-listen. I say this knowing how awful I am focusing on talking in films. You need to do a watch-through with the commentary. The second half of the extras focuses on the behind-the-scenes. Great focus is placed on fight sequences, which was personally fascinating for me. Having never watched a Pre-Viz of a fight sequence prior to this Blu-ray/DVD watch, I found myself enamored by what was going on. If I were to negatively comment anything, it’s that we didn’t get a behind-the-scenes verbal breakdown on the “Inside The Creature Shop” extra. This may just be a matter of personal preference, though, as I am a self-admitted geek who loves hearing how everything is done.

The Blu-ray/DVD release of PG: PSYCHO GOREMAN is a must-own for fans. For those hoping to visually learn more about fight sequences, especially, I’d point them to this particular film and the specific focus on the choreography featured in the behind-the-scenes extras.

PG: PSYCHO GOREMAN is now available on DVD and Blu-ray from RLJE Films and Shudder.

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