“Believe nothing you hear, and only one half that you see.” -Edgar Allan Poe

Rebecca Rowland has assembled a talented crew of writers to craft their stories in a collection of works that will thrill, chill and horrify. The theme of the collection is in that shadowy path of altered awareness, dreams, visions, and memories.

Horror anthologies are a personal favorite of mine. From the television works of Rod Serling’s The Twilight Zone and Night Gallery, to the literary works of Stephen King, the short form gives you an opportunity to tell smaller and many times more experimental tales. When done right, the short form allows for quick and satisfying appetizers that sometimes become as good or better than the meal.

With the newly-released book, THE HALF THAT YOU SEE, Rebecca Rowland takes us into a collection of road trips that take us to dark locations that will stay with you. Usually, in a collection this size, you will find a few stories that are standout and some that are mediocre, but here, all of the tales have an effective creep factor that is wondrously unsettling. Each story is unique, well-written, and vivid, ranging from scares psychological to bizarre.

The stories all fall under the Edgar Allan Poe quote from the lesser work – The System Of Doctor Tarr And Professor Fether. Each one is a shattering request to question your reality and the assembled writers have accomplished that with stories that range from melancholy to murder. Instead of gore, we are treated to the chills that creep in – the kind that scares you, slowly crawling in like the fog on a chilly October night.

Some of my personal favorites are:

“Raven o’ Clock” by Holley Cornetto – The tale of an evil man, who finds himself in the home of a charming and kind sweet little old lady. But the cocoa pouring host has a surprise for him.

“Boogeyman” by Susie Schwartz  – This story has a truly chilling approach around the classic creature of nightmares.

“Winnebago Indian Motorhome by Tonka” by Eddie Generous. My absolute favorite, filled with surprises. Lots of twists and turns, lots of fun.

Treat yourself to THE HALF THAT YOU SEE and experience some really great horror fiction. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. And if you are not careful, your mind will start wondering about the other half out there… waiting in the dark. You can purchase the anthology here.

J. Michael Roddy
Book Reviews

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