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Imagine you’re sitting in detention when a lockdown takes place and you find yourself coming face to face with some of your inner demons, against your will. Or you make a special friend only to be told you can’t talk to them. Or you try to tell the world about what it doesn’t know to only be deceived yourself. None of these scenarios sound fun but it all takes place in the sci-fi thriller, DOORS.

All across the world millions of portals have begun popping up, which are later referred to as “doors”. Alien portals in which no one knows where they go or what they are for. Some people find themselves drawn to them, to talk to them, to enter them. Others fear them and see them as unsettling and dangerous. Those who do enter rarely come out and if they do they are changed.

How will mankind react to these doors and the possibility of alternate realities? The film will take you through four perspectives. Each outlining a different perspective of how these anomalies would be accepted.

You start with the lockdown. A group of ragtag students in detention hear loud noise as jets rush over them, which leaves them wondering what’s happening outside their four walls. After being locked in their school, they come across a door. Next are the Knockers, a group of volunteers whom have agreed to enter these doors and report back on what they see, but what they see is not always what it seems. Then there is Lamaj, which is my favorite segment. A scientist, outcast from his colleagues for his beliefs in the cosmos, befriends a door. But what will it risk to retain that friendship? All the segments are sewn together by the voice of Marin Midnight (David Hemphill), an Alex Jones type of podcaster who is speaking to the masses, providing updates and sharing theories of what these doors are and what they mean for the world.

I enjoyed this movie from start to finish and lost count of how many times I asked myself, what the hell is going on? The magic in the effects used for the doors themselves was amazing and many of them will leave you with a very unsettling feeling. All the actors played their roles to almost perfection, not only in interacting with their costars but also with their surroundings. The multiple perspectives was ingenious to cover the various circumstances that could occur as well as the different emotions. Viewers should know that the ending won’t be neatly wrapped up with a bow on top, but you won’t be disappointed either. I would love to see DOORS become a series that follows what happens next as that is something I would definitely watch.

DOORS is available in select theaters and On Demand on March 23 + DVD/Blu-ray on April 6th.

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  1. I can’t just leave this review without warning fellow sci-if lovers how bad this movie is.
    Please lower your expectations to avoid disappointment.
    Truly a horrible movie.

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