[Short Film Review] SNAKE DICK
Wow, so what can I say about the short film SNAKE DICK? Brought to us by Writer/Director/Editor, David Mahmoudieh, it stars the enjoyable and small cast of Poppy Drayton (“Charmed”, “The Shannara Chronicles”), Sierra Pond (Impractical Jokers: The Movie, The Wrong Daughter), Micah Fitzgerald (Reckless and Dangerous, The Call of the Wild), and Ross Francis (“Between Us”, Psychopaths).

The short follows two young women stopping in the middle of the night at a gas station after their classic car breaks down. Finally tired of the cat-calls of two men, the girls decide to take action. Strange action…Because one has a flute and the other, well…you’ll just have to watch to find out.

The short is only about seven minutes long, so I’m not going to spoil it, but I will say that the surprise comes late into the short, and the whole thing plays more like a trailer. So, my hope and assumption is that SNAKE DICK was shot in the hopes of snagging full-length film interest.

The acting from Poppy Drayton and Sierra Pond is authentic and there’s rapport, being slick and believable that these two young women have seen this time and time again, and can gel well with each other’s style. And I admit, although I’ve heard the slime-ball finger joke before, it was a delight to see it well played out. Micah Fitzgerald and Ross Francis were enjoyable 3 A.M. cat-callers. Also, the lighting and cinematography were gorgeous and made each scene look like a poster you could hang on your wall.

From the very slight sliver of story and set-up, I certainly hope SNAKE DICK achieves its assumed goal because I feel like this would be a fun, chaotic romp in the vein of the video game Hotline Miami (remember that cool game?) or a slicker/horror-bend Kung Fury. Crazy, stylish, and hypnotic is what this has the potential to be as a full-length feature, just based on this short.

SNAKE DICK is now available for viewing online!

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