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In the sci-fi thriller COME TRUE, after a fight with her mom, Sarah Dunne (Julia Sarah Stone) runs away from home. She’s a high school student, suddenly scared and alone with nowhere to rest her head at night. Sarah soon finds the answer: a sleep study, offering her both money and a place to sleep safely….or so she hopes.

Sarah is being followed by Jeremy (Landon Liboiron), the overseeing scientist on the sleep study. A group of scientists are observing her and the other participants as they sleep. They hook her up to dozens of wires and sleep machines, and then watch every moment of her dreams. They’re horrified at what they see: shadowy figures that stalk the patients as they sleep.

Before long, Sarah starts having medical complications that she can’t explain and the scientists won’t give her answers to any of her questions. As the mysteries deepen, Sarah starts to wonder who she can trust.

COME TRUE is the second feature-length film by Anthony Scott Burns, after directing the horror-drama Our House in 2018. He also directed the “Father’s Day” segment in the movie Holidays.

This trippy horror flick offers plenty of red herrings throughout the journey which keeps the film engaging. For example, Sarah would sleepwalk as a child, leading the viewer to wonder, could that be a clue?

Landon Liboiron as ‘Jeremy’ in Anthony Scott Burns’ COME TRUE | Courtesy of IFC Midnight | An IFC Midnight Release

There are pretty lighting choices that make the characters glow like they’re underwater in a sluggish dream sequence. There’s an extended scene where the characters walk through the dark wilderness with only flashlights, visibly terrified. That said, COME TRUE succeeds at simmering eeriness and hazy nightmare imagery.

One of the best parts of COME TRUE is the trippy electronic score by Electric Youth and Pilotpriest. The buzzy music helps the 105 minute runtime fly by.

There’s some creative body horror in the hypnotic dream sequences: deformed demons slip through the shadows of Sarah’s dreams. Monsters with dozens of human hands and faceless heads make the dream sequences stand out. Be warned though, this slow-burn movie has a jolting ending that will really polarize viewers.

Cast members include Carlee Ryski, Christopher Heatherington, Tedra Rogers, Brandon DeWyn, John Taster, Austin Baker, Christopher Thomas, Caroline Buzanko, Orin McCusker, Tyler Dreger, and Karen Johnson-Diamond.

COME TRUE was released March 12, 2021, to select theaters, digital platforms, and cable video on demand.

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