[News] DOORS Will Open In This Sci-Fi Venture From Epic Pictures

[News] DOORS Will Open In This Sci-Fi Venture From Epic Pictures
DOORS l Courtesy of Epic Pictures
Epic Pictures has unveiled the official poster and trailer for the upcoming mind-bending sci-fi film DOORS. Make sure you check out the official trailer below and let us know what you think!

Starring Josh Peck (“Drake & Josh”, “Grandfathered”), Lina Esco (“S.W.A.T.”, Free The Nipple), and Wilson Bethel (“The Astronauts Wife Club”, “Daredevil”), the film follows individuals from all walks of life as they come together to make sense of mysterious alien “doors” that suddenly appear around the globe.

Without explanation or warning, a number of mysterious, alien “doors” suddenly appear in every corner of the globe. While many of those that encounter these sentient visitors feel the strange urge to interact with them – never to be seen again – others stay behind to face the potential threat of what their ultimate agenda towards mankind is. In a rush to determine the reason for the arrival of these cosmic anomalies, the government enlists volunteers to brave the journey to enter the doors so that we might learn more about their origin or purpose. But even these brave volunteers are not prepared for what lies beyond the threshold.

The story of the doors is told through multiple perspectives: a ragtag band of high school students discover a door for the first time, volunteers explore the parallel reality beyond the threshold, and a lonesome hermit manages the seemingly impossible: establishing communication with a door.

DOORS stars Josh Peck, Lina Esco, Wilson Bethel, Kyp Malone (“Broad City”, Scumrock), Dugan O’Neal (The 4th, “L.A. Rangers”), Kathy Khanh (Blood Light, A Sunburnt Summer), Julianne Collins (California’s Forgotten Children, Who Stole My Daughter?), Aric Generette Floyd (“Criminal Activities”, “Versus”), Rory Anne Dahl (High Steaks), Kristina Lear (Night Falls on Manhattan, Audrey), Bira Vanara, Bailee Cowperthwaite (Malicious, One Shot), Darius Levanté (Cuffed, The Little Things), and David Hemphill (Dr. Scotty’s Intergalactic Motel and Café, “Super Man! Two Words!”).

Created by Chris White, DOORS is directed by upcoming filmmakers Jeff Desom, Saman Kesh, and Dugan O’Neal who explore both grounded emotions and cosmic themes from the constantly shifting perspective. The fil is written by Desom, Keth, O’Neal, White, And Ed Hobbs.

From the producers of V/H/S, Southbound, and Becky, DOORS uses grand scope and exciting visuals to tell a series of interwoven stories that are – at their heart – grounded explorations of humanity.

The film will be released in select theaters on March 19th and On-Demand on March 23rd before releasing on DVD and Blu-ray on April 6, 2021.

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