[Series Review] POSSESSIONS

[Series Review] POSSESSIONS
POSSESSIONS l Courtesy of HBO Max
Filmed in both Israel and France, POSSESSIONS is a psychological thriller (with a bit of a love story in my opinion) HBO Max has acquired from a popular French production company called STUDIOCANAL. And you will be so thankful they did. This six-part limited series is relentless with building anticipation and will keep you guessing to the very last minute.

This limited six-part series follows Nathalie, perfectly portrayed by the talented Nadia Tereszkiewicz. She has moved to Israel with her family and fallen in love with a handsome Israeli name Eran (Imri Biton). After a short but passionate affair, they are married. Her mother, played by Dominique Valadié, is against the wedding union. Having grown up on the small island of Djerba, her customs and values are customary, and she is convinced this is a mistake. Unfortunately, for Nathalie, there is no enchanting escape to a honeymoon at the end of this wedding – only a murder. The groom is killed in a split second of darkness and the bride is the number one suspect.

We then follow Nathalie as she attempts to prove her innocence to local authorities. She remembers nothing of that evening’s painful events. After being assigned a representative from the French Consulate named Karim, played by Reda Kateb, they begin to delve into her mind to recount the night’s events only to uncover secrets not only of hers but her whole family. Eventually falling for the beautiful Nathalie, Karim has to decide if she is truly capable of murder or is she the victim all along.

Courtesy of HBO Max

Each episode ends flawlessly to ensure the viewer will continue the journey. Always thinking that you have things all figured out until you are shown over and over again you were wrong. The series will keep you guessing and fills the storyline with new twists and details. You will ask yourself more than once “How can that be?” “Who else has to perish before they solve this mystery?” Just watch. It is worth every minute.

POSSESSIONS also gives us a genuine look into Judaism and Israeli customs such as yibbum and halizah. Witnessing these will make one think of how some cultures have evolved, and how customs vary among other ethnicities and religions. The treatment of those accused and arrested is raw and sad at times. Reminding us of all that we should not take things for granted.

Simple yet haunting music helps ensure you are fully engulfed with the experience. In addition, the use of stark shots and honest emotions holds your attention. Subtitles, of course, are used as you will find three languages spoken: French, Hebrew, and English.

I cannot recommend this enough. I have always enjoyed foreign films as it allows you to rejoice in something you may not understand and even learn from. POSSESSIONS will take you on a journey that not only has to solve a murder but also asks, “How painful is it to find true love, really?”

POSSESSIONS, the French-Hebrew language psychological thriller series from STUDIOCANAL, is set to debut on HBO Max on Thursday, January 28.

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