[News] GHOST DOGS - The Horror Cartoon Completed in Quarantine Comes to Sundance
GHOST DOGS l Courtesy of Great Question
“My experience with quarantine is a little different than the majority of people who’ve been affected, so I hesitate mentioning it,” filmmaker Joe Cappa said, “But if you’re looking for a career change during a global pandemic,  I’d suggest getting into animation.”

He may be on to something there.

When matched up against the COVID-19 pandemic and its limitations on his industry, Cappa was able to buckle down and complete his animated horror cartoon GHOST DOGS.   Shortly after completion in August 2020, the cartoon was selected from nearly 10,000 submissions to be part of the 2021 Sundance Film Festival, and is now leading the charge as one of the most novel and talked about films of the Short Films Program.

“It’s a love letter to Amblin Entertainment,” Cappa said, “A cartoon that draws not only from horror, suspense, and comedy but also creates a completely fresh perspective on genre film.”

The story is centered around a rescue pup who finds itself in a loving home that’s mysteriously haunted by the family’s former pets.

“I’ve seen so many horror movies where a family’s dog is barking at something unseen to its owner. It’s just a horror-movie trope, and I was just like: That should be the whole movie.”

The production had a crew of only five people working remotely and under the banner Great Question, an animation studio he created during the quarantine.

“I knew it was going to be a lot of work,” Cappa stated in a recent interview, “But it’s cool to see what happens when you really make that leap and follow through with something you’re passionate about.”

Cappa serves as the writer, director, editor, sound designer, actor, and animator of the film having hand-drawn every single frame of the 11-minute  short. GHOST DOGS began production in 2018, and was a passion project for the emerging director in his spare time

For more information, please visit ghostdogs.net.

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