[News] ASH AND BONE - Watch The First Look Trailer
Courtesy of Cama Productions and Painted Creek Productions
Cama Productions and Painted Creek Productions have unveiled the official trailer for the upcoming horror film, ASH AND BONE. Make sure you check it out below and let us know what you think!

A troubled teenager is taken to the peace and quiet of the countryside by her father and stepmother in an effort to calm down her wild streak. But after she crosses the infamous McKinley family, it becomes clear that sometimes danger lies hidden in the weeds, ready to strike at any moment.

Director Harley Wallen shared, “I wanted to make a film in the style of the mid-2000 horror films such as House of Wax, The Hills Have Eyes, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. l wanted to follow up Agramon’s Gate with a more raw and imposing horror film.”

“I was stoked right away because he really got it, it’s so much the feel of the film and it tells just enough of the story,” said Wallen. “I put the trailer into a few festivals and after getting great accolades right away at the Paris Play International Film Festival, Mindfield Film Festival, and Moody Crab Film Festival we decided we needed to unveil it to the general public,” he added. This film won best trailer at the Minefield Film Festival.

“The intensity definitely went up as we stayed out in the middle of nowhere shooting this, it felt so real and I could feel we had something special here!” said Kaiti. “I think we all felt it on set and each performance outdid the next!”

“Working with Harley and his team of professionals was truly an experience that I will never forget and one of my favorites of my career. They all started as work associates and quickly became friends. That is always a blessing when that happens in a movie.“ said actress Jamie Bernadette.

“I feel I was the most in sync with my DP – Alex Gasparetto on ASH AND BONE and each shot had its own voice and laid the puzzle together for what I feel is not just a step up from my prior films but a jump up to a whole new level,” said Wallen.

ASH AND BONE starring Jamie Bernadette (I Spit on Your Grave – Deja-Vu, Dead by Dawn), Mel Novak (Bruce Lee’s Game Of Death, An Eye For An Eye), Angelina Danielle Cama (Abstruse, An Intrusion), Kaiti Wallen (Betrayed, Abstruse), Erika Hoveland (Injustice For All, Eternal Code), and Jimmy Doom (Kill the Irishman, Blood Immortal).

The film is directed by Harvey Wallen (Agramon’s Gate, Eternal Code).

ASH AND BONE is in late post-production stage working on sound design and score with Kaizad Patel, Simone Cilio, and Firoze Patel.

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