[News] Petar Pašić's THE POND Arrives on Digital & VOD February 23
Courtesy of Scream Factory
This February, Scream Factory and Shout! Studios will release the mind-bending new film THE POND. To celebrate the upcoming release, check out the trailer below and let us know what you think!

Directed by Petar Pašić, THE POND is the story of an anthropologist on the verge of an apocalyptic discovery who begins to descend into madness, as his hallucinations reveal something sinister is after him.

Set in a Balkan village rich with supernatural dread, the film’s evocative cinematography creates an ominous, slow-burn atmosphere that’s sure to linger with the viewer long after the film has ended.

The film stars Marco Canadea (Queen, Rush), Leslie Kunz (“Into The Badlands”, Aladdin), and Paul Leonard Murray (The White Crow, Despite The Falling Snow). Pašić and Dusan Bulic co-wrote the screenplay based on a story by Dusan Bulic.

Deeply unsettling in the tradition of folk horror, this esoteric thriller premieres in home theaters on Digital and On Demand on February 23, 2021.

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