[Movie Review] GO/DON'T GO
Courtesy of Gravitas Ventures
GO/DON’T GO is the slowest of slow-burn films starring Alex Knapp, Olivia Luccardi, and Nore Davis. But don’t let the speed push you away. There’s something special in it.

GO/DON’T GO is an unconventional love story in a beautifully shot, quiet gem of a film. It’s told through the lens of Adam, an unreliable narrator and introvert. The film documents his struggle living with unremitting solitude and the ghosts of the past, especially his lost love played by Olivia Luccardi.

Either genuinely haunted or losing sanity, Adam must confront his past fears and break out of his well-structured routine to be able to move forward. But will it be worth risking his mind and his life?

As I’ve said, this is a way, waaay slow-burning film. I’m not trying to discourage you from watching it, but just want to prepare you for that. It’s not necessarily scary, but deeply thoughtful and the meticulous effort from writer/director/star Alex Knapp shows. I would not be surprised to find several Easter eggs in the film that help unfold the story more, as everything is told with precision and purpose.

Courtesy of Gravitas Ventures

If you enjoyed the first part of 2007’s I Am Legend, but also wanted something more heartfelt and mentally jumbled, then this is the movie for you. The shots are absolutely stunning and feel as isolating as it is for our protagonist. There is this aerial shot that was just amazing and so artfully done that I circled it twice in my notes because it just kept getting better.

The acting is enjoyable and captivating, especially since Knapp wears so many hats for GO/DON’T GO. Having the writer/director also star in their film can either be disastrous or make everything fall solidly into place. This was the latter and, honestly, I’d like to see him in other movies as the genuinely awkward nice guy. Olivia Luccardi brings warmth and drive to her performance, though her character in the script sometimes falls into “lost love” tropes with moments like slow-motion laughing and dancing in a field. Nore Davis was a delight to watch, although under-utilized. He has two main scenes and I would have loved more since he’s the voice of action and reason in this film.

Seriousness aside, I enjoyed that Adam’s major breakdown moment was because he broke a wine bottle and couldn’t get to the mop to clean it up. Very relatable. Also, going to the bowling alley in a suit and getting drunk during a galactic bowl/dance sequence is the classiest way to have a mental break. I took notes.

All in all, if slower-paced movies exploring the atmosphere and characters rather than the “BOO! Gotcha!” kind is your jam, this movie will be up your galactic alley and I absolutely recommend that you GO.

GO/DON’T GO is available today on digital and cable VOD platforms from Gravitas Ventures.

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