[Short Film Review] BNB

BNB mirrors our current review obsessed culture.  We, as consumers, are not only responsible for reviewing those who service us, we now also rely on good reviews as customers.  1999 me finds this absurd, but it is what it is and BNB illustrates this perfectly.

In this horror short, a couple checks into an Airbnb.  Harry (played by film director and writer Hunter Stiebel) and Sally (Tate Hanyok), seem more concerned with the rating they will receive from their host than really observing and experiencing their stay.  Creepy things ensue and pretty soon reviews become a moot point.  

The effects in BNB were well done and the acting was on point.  I must give a special mention to Tacey Adams who played the landlord.  It was a very small role, but she hit all the right notes.  The jump scares were effective, and I enjoyed the horror and humor throughout.  I also loved the nod to Nora Ephron’s When Harry Met Sally in the names chosen for the characters.

If you have 12 minutes to spare, please check out BNB by Alter.  It is available to watch right now on YOUTUBE.

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