[News] OH THE HORROR! Launches on Kickstarter
OH THE HORROR! has launched their official Kickstarter to help them kill their tabletop card game creation goals and bring them to your eyeballs (and tables).

Who are the Creators?

Patrick Braillard, until recently, was part of the creative team developing Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Nights event into the global phenomenon that it is. Throughout the years, Patrick has created more than half of the event’s experiences, including haunted houses, scare zones, and live shows. These experiences ranged from original stories to some of the most influential horror properties in the genre’s history.

A professional writer for over fifteen years, Nate Stevenson spent his last five alongside Patrick as a member of Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Nights creative team. Primarily focused on the event’s haunted houses, he collaborated on, cast, and ran over 50 of these iconic horror experiences.

Jacob McAlister spent four years at Universal Creative, produced art for Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights event, and works as an illustrator for game and toy company Ravensburger. He has worked on multiple games including the Disney Jungle Cruise Adventure Game, the Magna-Tiles Treasure Hunt Game, and the Disney Eye Find It Game.

The Origin of OH THE HORROR!

Nate had the idea for a horror-based card game rolling around in his head for quite some time. Unfortunately, he never had the time to pursue it as his work schedule was too demanding. In a crazy turn of events, Nate, Patrick, and Jacob were all dealt the COVID-19 job killer card.

Finally finding the time to explore the idea more, Nate quickly pitched the game to Patrick. Already well-weathered creative teammates, the two kicked ideas back and forth within minutes. Jacob was the natural choice to illustrate for the team and was brought onboard very soon after. As the team collaborated and created together, the project took on a life of its own and has grown into a horribly hilarious monster.

How To Play The Game 

Courtesy of OH THE HORROR!

OH THE HORROR‘s official Kickstarter launched on December 7th, 2020, at 11 AM EST and has a set goal of $15,000. By supporting the campaign, backers can contribute to various pledge levels to pre-order copies of the game, as well as additional rewards and add-ons exclusive to the Kickstarter Campaign. To learn more about the different reward tiers, go on over to the Kickstarter here.

Now for the most important question…

Courtesy of OH THE HORROR

Do you like what you are hearing so far? Are you in need of horror-specific tabletop card games? Then go on over and support the Kickstarter and make all of our killer horror stabby death game dreams come true!

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