Welcome to your new home. The moving van has just pulled away, and a friendly welcome package from your neighbors is waiting on your front porch: a card, dessert, and, strangely, some leftover belongings from your home’s previous owner. Maybe you can find some use for them, your new neighbors say. But there is something ominous about this place. Someone needs your help.

In Shine On Collective‘s newest show, WELCOME HOME, guests will journey into a ghost story as they unravel secrets, solve mysteries, and listen in on phone conversations during this thrilling at-home experience. Explore letters, audio, and found objects that have been thoughtfully designed to guide you through a narrative world. No pesky Zoom meeting necessary (thank goodness!!).

Your experience includes a story box and a gourmet mini dessert bars (designed and crafted by Kaye Angeles, a pastry chef from the Intercontinental Hotel Los Angeles and former SusieCakes Head Baker) for groups of up to four people. WELCOME HOME is an at-home experience and will be shipped directly to you. Prepare to spend 75 minutes to two hours on the story, depending on the pace your group decides to take.

WELCOME HOME is the perfect stay-at-home activity for small groups, and it makes the perfect gift for your friends and family this holiday season.

The package is $55 (+ shipping and tax). Experiences are available for shipping anywhere in the United States. For more information on WELCOME HOME, visit www.welcomehomeexperience.com.

Shine On Collective is an award-winning, female-led, Los Angeles-based theater organization that produces original immersive theatre and performance installations. Their mission is to create unique, experimental and immersive productions that explore the human condition from every odd angle. Shine On Collective has been the recipient of the 2016 HorrorBuzz Golden Pumpkin Award for Best Immersive Theatrical Experience, the 2016 Creepy L.A. Cadaver Award for Best Scare Actors and the 2017 Immersive Critics’ Circle Award for Best Debut Immersive Work at the Hollywood Fringe Festival.

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