When you sit down to watch a film entitled SHARK ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND, you pretty much know what you’re signing up for.  I made myself a cup of hot chocolate, cozied up under a warm blanket and prepared myself for the cheese-fest that was sure to follow.  I was not disappointed.  

I didn’t quite understand what the deal was with the sharks but here’s the synopsis the way I saw it:  Aliens are terrorizing a small beach town.  They have been abducting the townsfolk for years, often enough to warrant an alien abduction support group put together by a local therapist.  The therapist dies and his daughter, played by Jennie Russo, continues his work with the support group.  Sharks are apparently controlled by the aliens and attack swimmers and divers, for reasons I’m totally unsure of.  I think the aliens wanted to invade the planet and changed their mind, though I really can’t be sure.  I do know that towards the end of the film, they were yelling “I hate you!” at the humans.  All in all, the plot was pretty confusing.

SHARK ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND, directed by Mark Polonia and written by John Oak Dalton, displayed great practical effects (severed limbs and a floating severed head looked pretty cool and very believable) and lot of pretty decent beach shots which were unfortunately used over and over (and over) again throughout the film.  All of the digital effects were hilariously bad.  You’d see a diver swimming in what looked like animated waters.  And then a shark would appear and you’d see the shark looking pretty realistic in what was maybe some stock shots and then all of a sudden you’d be back in the animated water scene watching the shark eat a person.  It was like watching The Snorks, rated R.  The aliens were constantly manipulating some screens on their ship and it looked like they were DJs spinning records with their swollen Yoda fingers.  There was a weird scene where the Harbor Patrol guy shoots a shark and the shark bursts into animated flames.  

SHARK ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND was exactly what I expected it to be.  A very cheesy sci-fi horror with a silly plot and subpar acting but I can’t say it wasn’t fun. SHARK ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND is now on Digital and will be available on DVD March 2021.

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