[Short Film Review] ELIXIR
ELIXIR l Courtesy of Abyssmal Entertainment
Do you ever feel so trapped in a bad situation that you find yourself fantasizing about taking drastic measures to free yourself? Unfortunately, many people feel this way, and sometimes they actually do take those drastic measures to extract themselves from whatever abusive, toxic, or otherwise malevolent circumstances they’re in. Sadly, this often leads to legal trouble and a media circus, as Cyntoia Brown Long and Gypsy Rose Blanchard could tell you.

The newly released horror short ELIXIR explores the idea of freeing yourself from your tormentor. In the film, a woman spends her days living with and caring for a bitter, abusive, and housebound older woman. After a particularly trying night, the woman prays and begs God for assistance. The next day, a missionary comes to the door, seemingly to help her…by performing the rite of baptism. The ritual does not go as planned, and once again, the woman finds herself totally on her own. But now, she’s stronger and she takes control of her life the best way she feels like she can.

In ten minutes, ELIXIR presents the fantasy that many people have: reclaiming their lives by exacting revenge on their abuser, and getting away with it. It takes it a step further by empowering the female protagonist to save herself using her own wits and resourcefulness instead of needing a man or a higher power to rescue her. Using black and white cinematography and little dialogue, the audience is able to fully focus on the protagonist’s struggles and triumphs. The film is effective in its minimalism and ultimately cathartic in its conclusion.

ELIXIR stars Gabrielle Stone, Dee Wallace (yes, the Dee Wallace), and Austin Brook. It was written and directed by Virginia Powers Hendry, who also acted as Executive Producer.

The film was produced by Steven Shea and features cinematography by Scott Uhlfelder, music by Robert Reider, costuming by Alison Uhlfelder, and makeup by Kimber Parrish. It is presented by Shea’s production company Abyssmal Entertainment.

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