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Pseudonym Productions has launched an all-new digital experience that resurrects the fun of the 2020 spooky season by bringing the scares online from the world’s most thrilling Halloween events and haunted attractions, many of which are unable to open this year. VIRTUAL FRIGHTS is a curated digital journey through the best and biggest Halloween haunts of the past and present, debuting first with 5 years of frights from Universal Orlando’s acclaimed “Halloween Horror Nights” event.

The site’s hand-selected video content allows visitors to virtually step into the fog and seamlessly move through years of haunted houses, scare zones, shows, and theme park attractions, all via a custom-created website that offers an easy-to-navigate experience.

“We deeply miss ‘Halloween Horror Nights’ this year and share the disappointment of all fans who are saddened by Universal Orlando’s understandable decision not to open the event due to the ongoing pandemic,” said Pseudonym Productions vice president & creative technologist Ricky Brigante. “VIRTUAL FRIGHTS is our way of bringing home the spirit of the event by featuring the best versions of ‘Halloween Horror Nights’ found online – along with our own unique interactive and immersive twists still to come.”

VIRTUAL FRIGHTS pulls together the best video content from years of haunted attractions, giving fans the easiest way to find, access, and enjoy the massive amount of Halloween event content that’s already online, quickly discovering the best digital representations of each spine-tingling experience. The site – which launched on October 21 in public beta – highlights the best videos produced by theme park media, websites, and vloggers through the years, debuting with a comprehensive look at Universal Orlando’s “Halloween Horror Nights” events from 2016-1019, plus a glimpse into their limited Halloween experiences this year.

Each online visitor is armed with the power to control their own journey online, experiencing the virtual haunts in full screen or cinema mode, accompanied by creepy ambient music or the original experience sound, and can choose to walk, hurry, or RUN through the scares.

With the site’s launch, Pseudonym Productions is now developing all-new original, immersive Halloween / horror- themed digital experiences for participants worldwide, which will materialize over time via VIRTUAL FRIGHTS. Following 4 consecutive years of creating innovative live Halloween entertainment experiences, Pseudonym Productions made the tough decision not to produce an in-person event this year in the interest of safety, instead focusing creative efforts on producing surprising new thrills to roll out throughout the year.

In the spirit of the most memorable “Halloween Horror Nights” characters, VIRTUAL FRIGHTS features its own “icons” – the Grin Reapers – whose signature sinister smiles represent the frightfully delightful feeling fans get as nervous excitement overtakes them within the harrowing halls of haunted events. These characters tie together Pseudonym’s forthcoming original horror experiences.

Image courtesy of Pseudonym Productions

“The Grin Reapers are the real macabre minds behind Virtual Frights, always plotting new twisted tricks,” said Pseudonym Productions president & creative director Sarah A.S. Elger. “They like to remain in the shadows and will reveal themselves slowly. After all, everyone always loves a good ghost story – not just around Halloween but throughout the year.”

Their lore has begun to be teased on the site and will slowly unfold for members of THE ORDER – a collective of those who are curious enough to follow along… into the unknown. Visitors to VIRTUAL FRIGHTS can join THE ORDER for free to instantly unlock the ability to leave their mark on the site’s “Ghostbook,” while simultaneously signing up to receive an unnerving email newsletter frequently filled with frights that they may find evolving into something unexpected. Fans are encouraged to get friends to visit VIRTUAL FRIGHTS and to join them in signing up for THE ORDER, as the faster the collective grows in numbers, so shall the experience.

In the weeks ahead, more event years, haunts, and eerie experiences will be added to VIRTUAL FRIGHTS, including the curated history of “Halloween Horror Nights” and further expansions into other fan-favorite haunted attractions and Halloween events throughout the world. Haunt owners and creators wishing to be featured on VIRTUAL FRIGHTS may reach out to Pseudonym Productions via the Contact Us section on the site.

VIRTUAL FRIGHTS aims to become the most comprehensive online journey into haunted attractions worldwide and a future hub for haunting new, original immersive experiences,” said Elger. “This beta launch is just the beginning.”

To enter the fog and experience VIRTUAL FRIGHTS for free – and to learn more about the Grin Reapers and join THE ORDER – fans can visit Fans can also get bonus creepy content and updates on Twitter at @VirtualFrights and on Instagram at @VirtualFrights.

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