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In a time when most of our favorite haunts have been cancelled due to the ongoing pandemic, its been interesting to see how the haunt community has adapted and how they’ve applied new and inventive ways to scare us while we’re at a safe distance (and wearing masks). 

THE BITE LA is a new drive through food crawl/haunted experience from the folks that brought us the Rated R Speakeasy last year. Located at Legg Lake in the Whittier Narrows Recreational Area, THE BITE LA takes you on a drive through the dark twists and turns of the park all while serving you tasty treats along the way. 

With your ticket you receive 8 small bites, all horror themed, as well as a hot drink and dessert to cap off the night while you listen to scary stories by a virtual “campfire”. The individual dishes range from a spooky burger slider, churro donuts, to pumpkin ravioli all with vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options available.

As you begin the experience, you are asked to choose your menu, switch your radio to their creepy atmospheric station, while being handed disposable trays and utensils. As you drive up to the beginning of the food crawl, you are treated to a black out creature safari all while you hear ambient spooky sounds coming through your car speakers. We recommend you bring your own flashlights but if you forget, you can purchase one upon arriving. All cars are asked to completely turn off their headlights so if you have a vehicle that has automatic headlights that stay on, we recommend having someone else drive. Here you’ll have to shine your flashlights out into the surrounding trees in the hopes of spotting some of the creatures that roam about before they spot you. 

Through the creature safari you’ll reach the beginning of your food crawl. Here you’ll drive through 8 different spooky scenes with accompanying monsters, all waiting to deliver your haunted snacks. Although the cars move through pretty quickly, there’s plenty of time to take in each individual scene as they are extremely well done and the costuming is incredibly creative. If you don’t get a chance to finish all of your snacks (we had plenty of food for 2 people), you are then guided to the virtual “campfire”, a drive-in style post-show where you you can chow down on your leftovers and dessert while you listen to two ghost stories and two music video mash-ups. 

THE BITE LA was a really fun and safe way to get into spooky season. It’s excellent for those who are a bit more timid when it comes to haunts, and it’s a perfect family friendly adventure. I definitely hope they continue this next year, and I look forward to maybe being able to walk through the food crawl and creature safari, as I can definitely see a lot of potential in the concept. For more information on THE BITE LA, including safety protocols, or to purchase tickets, visit

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