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Hello, Uglies! To say that I was excited when it was announced that Dragula by The Boulet Brothers was getting a full-length feature at Shudder is a gross understatement. I believe that I audibly screamed when I saw it. Dragula is easily one of the best reality shows out there featuring drag artists competing for the chance to be the ultimate drag supermonster and I inhaled the first three seasons like they were my air to live. In DRAGULA: RESURRECTION we get the chance to see a show veteran return to compete for $20k and a spot in season four and I am LIVING for this special.

If you have never heard of Dragula before (and shame on you) it is a drag competition created by the incomparable Boulet Brothers centered on the love of the art of drag and the themes of filth, horror, and glamour. Not only does it spotlight drag queens, but they also include drag kings and non-binary drag artists. There have been three seasons (two of which are available to stream on Netflix) and normally, all of the contestants come together over several weeks to create new characters based on the theme of the challenges. Each episode starts with a horror short film and ends with the “death” of the contestant who was kicked off the show. The extermination challenges are brutal including challenges involving electrocution, blood-drinking, and more. It’s filled to the brim with sex, blood, and filth and it is amazing. DRAGULA: RESURRECTION really mixes up the format and I will be honest, I was hesitant at first.

In DRAGULA: RESURRECTION, past stars Loris, Saint, Victoria Elizabeth Black, Dahli, Kendra Onixxx, Frankie Doom, and Priscilla Chambers are brought back from the dead using ritual magic to compete for a spot on season four. They must make three characters: a witch, a ghost, and a vampire. Instead of coming together to compete, The Boulet Brothers (looking as stunning as ever) and a skeleton filming crew head to each competitor’s home for their performance. I imagine this is a result of COVID-19 but it really gave the crew a chance to really get to know each person on a level far deeper than they ever could on a regular season.

I went into this special with my own personal favorites to win. I adore Victoria Black and Priscilla Chambers, but after watching each one work on their floorshow and really talk about their lives and struggles, it truly is anyone’s game to get that spot. There are a few that I particularly want to talk about. First, I want to give a HUGE congratulations to Priscilla Chambers for finally beginning her transition journey! Priscilla started transitioning after the end of season 3 and she looks so happy and beautiful. She talks about her choice to transition and the stigma that drag isn’t for trans people and she is really making leaps and bounds for representation in the drag community. I am truly happy for her.

The cast of The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula: Resurrection l Courtesy of Shudder

We also get to hear Dahli’s story about his part in the Black Lives Matter protests and how life is for him as someone who is white and African-American. He talks about his light skin and the struggles of POC in America today. He has grown as a person so much from season three and I really loved getting the chance to know him a bit more. We get to hear the horrifying story of Kendra Onixxx’s accident as a firebreather after the season ended and there is a video included in the special. I want to let you know that it is pretty horrific and if you are sensitive to that, please skip over it. Kendra’s healing journey is a true miracle and it is amazing how they bounced back from something that could have killed them.

Saint, formerly known as St. Lucia, wasn’t the strongest competitor in the past but all that is a distant memory. Saint has grown SO MUCH as a performer in the last couple of years and seeing the difference between season three and the DRAGULA: RESURRECTION special is astounding. His final look blew me away. Looking at Victoria Elizabeth Black is bittersweet to me. She is on such a crazy high level that I don’t know if bringing Victoria back to compete against new people would even be doing her any justice. I would love to see more of her but maybe season four isn’t the right place.

I am not as familiar with season one as I am with seasons two and three of Dragula, so I don’t have the connection with Loris and Frankie Doom as I have with the others but I can’t skip talking about their talent. Loris is a very talented makeup artist and is amazing at creating beautiful characters. The witch character from this special is incredible and gave me intense Wicked Witch of the West vibes. Frankie Doom is a drag queen that John Waters would love. What I loved about his part in this competition is the way he brought his Mexican culture into the characters he created. We get to hear his story as someone who grew up where drag was looked down upon but at the same time, we get to see who he is intermixed with the performances. It is a beautiful thing.

Like you, I don’t yet know who wins DRAGULA: RESURRECTION but you can believe me when I say that my happy ass will be plopped in my seat, biting on my Halloween manicure watching to see who snags the winning spot. I am on Team Priscilla Chambers, Team Saint, and Team Dahli but I would truly be happy no matter who takes that crown. Good luck, Uglies!

THE BOULET BROTHERSDRAGULA: RESURRECTION premiered exclusively on Shudder in all its territories, as well as via the Shudder offering within the AMC+ bundle, starting today.

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