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DARKFIELD – the British immersive theatre company producing innovative work at the forefront of technology and theatre since 2016 – with an emphasis on binaural sound and sensory effects to situate each audience member at the centre of intense, evolving narratives – are pleased to announce that tickets are on sale now for the second show on DARKFIELD RADIO.

VISITORS is a 20 minute immersive audio experience for two people to do together in a room at home – anyone with a phone, headphones and one other person can take part (and the experience is intrinsically socially distanced, so this doesn’t need to be a household bubble). The experience is communal – the DARKFIELD RADIO app, available on iOS and Android, is designed to deliver the show at a set time and date, so not only are audiences experiencing the show in pairs, but the show is replicated in hundreds of rooms across the world, much like going to the cinema for a screening, or a theatre for a play.

Thank you for inviting us into your home. We didn’t know where else to go…
A dead couple look for a temporary solution to their permanent condition.
A reflection on our irrepressible desire to touch and why the dead find so little comfort in the world of the living.

Artistic Directors Glen Neath and David Rosenberg explain, “Whilst we live in a world where many are not able to see or hug friends and family members, we feel the themes within VISITORS are a poignant response to the experience of longing for connection. The audience are placed at the heart of the show, becoming characters within the story. Their living room becomes the stage for the narrative to unfold. As an audience member, you will be asked to sit 3 metres apart from a partner, and to be mindful of the characters you invite into the space between you.

Taking part in VISITORS is simple – you buy a ticket, download the DARKFIELD RADIO app, and enter your code. At the designated hour, you and your partner put on your headphones and your own home becomes the setting for another world, blurring the lines between real and imagined. DARKFIELD RADIO is a brand new innovative form of entertainment directly responding to the new age we are living in, immersing audiences in strange and curious worlds in their own home and bringing new meaning to the familiar spaces we inhabit.”

VISITORS has been confirmed as joining the Official Selection for the Raindance Film Festival 2020, and is nominated for two awards – Outstanding Achievement in Audio and Best Narrative Experience.

DARKFIELD RADIO is a new and innovative series of immersive audio experiences for audiences to do together at home. It’s launch represented a shift from physical installation to home entertainment, as a reaction to the ongoing COVID19 pandemic and lockdown. The first show, DOUBLE – a dark psychological thriller – launched in July in the UK and Australia to great critical acclaim, and subsequently expanded globally with evening performances launched in the US and New Zealand in mid-August. DOUBLE was selected for the Venice International Film Festival (2-12 September 2020) as part of the ‘Best of XR’ (eXtended Reality a catch-all term for immersive productions including AR and VR) category; the first-ever audio-only experience in the programme. DOUBLE has been the most critically acclaimed and widely experienced show ever produced by Darkfield, with people in 35+ countries worldwide downloading it since the launch in July, including 500 participants of the Venice International Film Festival.

DARKFIELD has so far welcomed 170000+ audience members globally and with DARKFIELD RADIO, will now reach even larger audiences worldwide in their homes. The Darkfield Radio App is powered by Wiretapper, and funded by the Arts Council for England. Previous DARKFIELD experiences SEANCE, FLIGHT and COMA, sited in shipping container, originally premiered at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and have since toured the UK and Australia.

DARKFIELD RADIO is transmitting DOUBLE and VISITORS every Tuesday, Friday, Saturday.
DOUBLE will broadcast at 20:00 & 21:30
VISITORS will broadcast at 19:30, 21:00 & 22:30

Experience through the DARKFIELD RADIO app available for android and iphone.
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