[Episode Review] LOVECRAFT COUNTRY EP. 9
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Episode 9 of LOVECRAFT COUNTRY is packed with fire, brimstone, action, betrayal, and love. The story continues as we try to find a way to save Diana (Jada Harris), who’s cursed and out of commission. The family is coming together, to figure out a way to release her from the hold the police officer in the last episode put on her. The tension in the air is thick. The tempers boil over so fast. There was barely enough time to put a lid on them. If they expect to get out of their own ways and save her, cooler heads must prevail. This episode is all about hope and sacrifice. Each person must dig deep to see how much if any they will allow themselves to give up or wish for.

Atticus “Tic” (Jonathan Majors), Leti (Jurnee Smollett), and Montrose (Michael K. Williams) have been doing a delicate dance the past few episodes of LOVECRAFT COUNTRY. They’ve been keeping secrets from each other while trying to maintain an open relationship, and that is always a recipe for disaster. For Tic and Leti, they’ve gone through hell and back together but never really had time to develop their relationship outside of the excitement of magic. Tic knows what Leti is keeping secret and it’s weighing on them both as they pretend to be oblivious to the possibilities of the future. Tic knowing exactly what’s going to happen and Leti hoping that he will be happy about a child, say the quiet parts loud and get into riffs but in the end, the way things work out, they will always be able to lean on each other. They represent the hope that we all feel for the crew, especially when things seem their darkest, allowing ourselves to root for a happy ending.

The drama between Montrose and Tic has been building since the revelatory conversation between George (Courtney B. Vance) and Montrose in which they spoke about the paternity of Tic. Having been no more than a whisper here and there, sooner or later, it would need to be addressed. Montrose carries with him pain that he didn’t always handle well. The pain of being closeted and the pain of knowing he inflicted harm on his child that may or may not be his. All his life has been hurt after hurt. For him, it is his love language. How do you reconcile with the things you’ve done to make sacrifices to save the people you love? The demons are coming for everyone around you, and you have stuff you need to unpack that’s been weighing you down as long as you can remember. Your son is a grown man that you’re proud of and yet, there’s so much more he needs to know about the sacrifices you made that you can’t share. Tic senses there are secrets and it makes him act out. Will Montrose sacrifice more to save the relationship with his son?

This emotionally charged episode brings our favorite crew to the brink of extinction, mentally and physically. The only thing they can turn to is the hope that what they’re fighting for is worth it. Only time and this episode will be able to tell us the outcome of that.

Tune into LOVECRAFT COUNTRY on HBO each Sunday at 9/8c to find out. The season finale approaches and who knows what kind of shenanigans will take place. For more on the series, check out our review here.

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