[Nightmarish Detour] THE RIGHT STUFF
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THE RIGHT STUFF is a new drama series by National Geographic that will be featured on Disney +. It stars Patrick J. Adams, Patrick Fischler, Eric Ladin, James Lafferty, Jake McDorman, Colin O’Donoghue, and many more amazing actors and actresses. This show focuses on the first Astronauts of the Mercury space program.

I had the pleasure of watching the first two episodes of the series and I can already tell you I am hooked! If you love dramas that focus on historical events look no further than THE RIGHT STUFF.  The first two episodes take you all the way back to before and when they selected the lucky 7 to become the first astronauts. It was interesting how they were very specific in the men they were trying to enlist into the new space program. But as the episode went on it made complete sense. They targeted test pilots, who clearly show no fear and a need to be the first at something or to make history.  These facts alone make for the perfect man to essentially be space test dummies.

As the episodes continue on, the viewer is given a deeper look into the pressure to compete in the race to space and how each of the men were selected for the program. You see how they had to create something out of nothing, and the men with their family struggles and inner struggles that could affect them in the program. These men went from being in the military to overnight celebrities. These journeys leave you laughing and heartbroken all at once.  I cannot wait to see the rest of the show play out on Disney +. The show is beautifully made and makes you feel like you are watching a movie.

Patrick J. Adams, who plays John Glenn, and Jake McDorman, who plays Alan Shepard,  do an amazing job depicting how these men felt during this time and the playful competitive nature all these men had. So needless to say make sure you add THE RIGHT STUFF to your watchlist and get ready to step back in time!

THE RIGHT STUFF arrives on October 9 exclusively on Disney+.

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