Spoilers for Season One and some of Season Two Below

Recently, Nightmarish Conjurings had the opportunity to be part of a special “Girls Get It Done” Virtual Press Day, a play on the in-word experience of “Vought’s” own press day from episode 202 of THE BOYS. During the event, we had the chance to interview the amazing womxn featured on the show and talk with them about their kickass characters. Up first was actor Karen Fukuhara who talked about the challenges and excitement of bringing Kimiko to life.

Synopsis: On the run from the law, hunted by the Supers, the Boys desperately try to regroup and fight back against Vought in a more intense, more insane Season 2. In hiding, Hughie (Jack Quaid), Mother’s Milk (Laz Alonso), Frenchie (Tomer Capon) and Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara) try to adjust to a new normal with Butcher (Karl Urban) nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, Starlight (Erin Moriarty) must navigate her place in The Seven as Homelander (Antony Starr) sets his sights on taking complete control. His power is threatened with the addition of Stormfront (Aya Cash), a social media savvy new Supe, who has an agenda of her own. On top of that, the Supervillain threat takes center stage and makes waves as Vought seeks to capitalize on the nation’s paranoia.

In Season One, we meet Kimiko (aka The Female) after The Boys discovered her caged in the basement of a grocery store. Shortly after her release, it’s revealed that Kimiko possesses superpowers. In Season Two, we get a better glimpse into the character as this silent badass leaves a trail of bloodshed and gore in her wake. Since her introduction to the series, she has become somewhat of an enigma – communicating only through body language and a specialized type of sign language that she and her brother, Kenji, made up. During the press event, Karen discussed her experience playing a character that relies on her actions instead of words.

“It was really fun!” exclaimed Fukuhara. “It’s definitely difficult when you can’t say what you want to say, [but] she says a lot without uttering a word. Portraying that has been a challenge but I really don’t know how to explain it; it just comes to me and I kind of become that.”

When talking about conveying her emotions through a physical performance, Fukuhara went on to explain, “I never realized that there are different forms of communication and it’s not just me talking at someone and really demanding something from someone. You can get what you want without uttering a word. Or, if you take the right action, that is saying something. It’s been so fun playing Kimiko!”

For more on THE BOYS Season 2, check out our review here. The first three episodes are now available to stream on Amazon Prime Video with new episodes available each Friday following, culminating in an epic season finale on October 9.

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