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In LOVECRAFT COUNTRY Episode 7, strained familial bonds get tested while one of our characters travels a long way to discover who they are. In the middle of all the exciting reveals and far off love stories, the show puts the loss that Hippolyta Freeman (Aunjanue Ellis) has experienced, near the back. There’s so much magic and mystery that we often wonder who or what will show up next, while Hippolyta grieves her husband alone. An ever curious and supremely capable person, Hippolyta takes matters into her own hands to seek the closure of her husband’s death; something that neither Atticus (Jonathan Majors) or Letitia (Jurnee Smollett) have been able to provide after their initial run-in with the Braithwhite family.

Atticus and Leti, still smoking hot from the newfound happiness they are beginning to enjoy together, share something that they can’t ignore. In the process of chasing this, Atticus and Montrose (Michael K. Williams) have a talk that may change the nature of their relationship forever. After witnessing this, Leti decides it’s time to stop running from all the wrong she’s done. She begins to try to pick up the pieces of a life she could have had if not for the fast-paced hustle she was accustomed to living.

Aunjanue Ellis in LOVECRAFT COUNTRY | Photo by Eli Joshua Ade/HBO

Atticus sets out to search for something Christina has told Ruby all about. Everyone, it seems, is on the same page as they look for answers to unlock the keys of the universe. The blinders they set on their faces leave them ignorant to Hippolyta, who learns more in this episode about everything than the hours of secrecy and near-death experiences that Atticus and Leti have experienced.

Meanwhile, Hippolyta is hurting and when people hurt they sometimes either shrink inside or become determined to find answers to the questions not yet asked. Hippolyta, who is just as adventurous and schooled in every aspect of mythology, along with an uncanny supernatural ability with math, is the determined type. She earns keys to locks that the rest didn’t know existed. Her journey is mesmerizing and demands your attention as she navigates impossible circumstances, finding out more about herself with each piece of the puzzle she puts together. The steadfastness she displays showcases the fiery passion she’s possessed this entire time. A fire so intense it can’t be extinguished. This bright star manifests a world of wonder that’s so rich there may be no coming back.

With heart and hope, the crew finds something bigger than a book. The sci-fi twists and turns are dizzying and stunning to watch but the real topliner this week is you. It’s me and the crew as we ask a question that requires a considerable measure of courage to answer: Who am I? Tune into LOVECRAFT COUNTRY on HBO each Sunday at 9/8c to find out.

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