[News] Order an Evening of Disco, Puppets & Vampires to Your Front Door!
Dracula’s Disco Halloween l Courtesy of Of the Night and Bob Baker Marionette Theater
The legendary Bob Baker Marionette Theater has partnered with thematic party package service, Of the Night, on a Dracula’s Disco Halloween experience brought directly to front doors this October 23rd and October 30th. Touted by Time Out LA as, “just as unhinged as we could hope for,” Of the Night has been dropping off colorfully themed at-home soirees to households across Los Angeles since early July.
Founded by event producers and nightlife impresarios Courtney Nichols (Disco Dining Club) and Blakeshine (Dirtybird Records), Of the Night party packages have all the makings of a perfect night out, translated into a perfect night in. Over the past few months, Of the Night has produced party packages ranging in themes from Gnomes Of the Night, Slumber Party Of the Night, Vacation Of the Night, and Rhinestone Cowboy Of the Night; each package complete with thematic food, drink, decor, costuming, activities, and music, with 10% of proceeds benefiting various progressive non-profits. Dracula’s Disco Of the Night will be no exception, offering parties of 2 the opportunity to transform their home (and their evening!) into a vampire-approved discotheque, while providing financial support to the Bob Baker Marionette Theater.
Inspired by the quintessential Dracula’s Disco performance that is showcased at Bob Baker’s yearly Halloween Spooktacular revue, Dracula’s Disco Of the Night harmoniously marries classic Halloween necessities with all the sensationalized glamour of late 70’s disco. Since Bob Baker’s lights have remained dim during the Pandemic, Of the Night approached Bob Baker and together conceptualized a delivery that brings this iconic Dracula performance directly to people’s doorsteps.
Dracula’s Disco Of the Night Package – Available Now at ofthenight.club/draculasdisco
For $150, parties of 2 receive a hand-delivered, lavish package featuring: a bottle of rose from Vampire Vineyards, cans of Disco Queen from Two Pitchers Brewing Company, Dracula-approved nibbles, fiercely sharp fangs with a bejeweling kit, a blood-red disco ball, lace chokers to hide their bite marks, red glitter lipstick to accent their fangs, Kryolan fake blood, bat puppets, holographic hair & body glitter, red tinsel curtain, spiderwebs, accoutrement to transform their space into Dracula’s lair, activities that harken the glory days of nightlife, and a curated Spotify playlist. An Of the Night staple – for an additional fee, package recipients can request their party package be delivered via theatrical performance. In this case, a theatrical delivery can mean only one thing: a marionette show. For $100 – and with 100% of the proceeds going directly to Bob Baker Marionette Theater – Dracula himself will arrive on Los Angeles doorsteps, performing to his namesake track Dracula’s Disco, with party package in tow. Recipients can also add-on a kid-friendly package that includes pumpkins, candy, a carving kit, and copies of Goosebumps, as well as a 5-course Fall meal from legendary French Chef Laurent Quenioux of LQ Foodings.
For over 55 years, the Bob Baker Marionette Theater has provided unique theatrical experiences to intergenerational audiences with the mission of educating, celebrating, and rejuvenating puppetry and the allied arts. As a sanctuary of childhood imagination, they are committed to the ideal that the Theater belongs to everyone. It is Of the Night and Bob Baker Marionette Theater’s goal to bring all the whimsical magic of the Halloween season to the safety of living rooms, allowing parents and children alike to continually embrace moments of wonder and play, even amidst this fragmented year.
Dracula’s Disco Of the Night party packages are limited to 50 deliveries per weekend. Packages can be reserved beginning now at ofthenight.club/draculasdisco.
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