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If not for love what would we be? In LOVECRAFT COUNTRY Episode 6, we’re exposed to many things, chief among them that love gives and love takes away. The episode begins where the opening sequence of the series ended, in Korea. No, Jackie Robinson isn’t swatting a monster into outer-space while aliens descend onto the battlefield. This time, that fictitious world Atticus (Jonathan Majors) revealed to us is traded in for the gritty reality of war.

We are introduced to a new character, Ji-Ah (played eloquently by Jamie Chung), a student who studies to become a nurse in the hotbed of Korea by day and gets lost in her own world via Judy Garland movies by night. Like Atticus, Ji-Ah is a dreamer, looking to escape her reality into a world of wonder. This episode is part spy-thriller/part romance with a heavy dose of the mythological as well as unexplainable moments that we’ve become accustomed to while watching this series.

Ji-Ah and Atticus have a discussion in LOVECRAFT COUNTRY
Jamie Chung and Jonathan Majors in LOVECRAFT COUNTRY | Photo by Eli Joshua Ade/HBO

Where this episode succeeds is in carefully building a story arc, independent of the preceding events. Just when the thought of this being a standalone episode seeps in, everything comes masterfully together to set up the future for our heroes. Ji-Ah has a demanding mother who wants her to bring a man home to restore respect to their family. 1950’s Korea being extremely tough on women, the theme of finding your place, while finding your peace, is weaved carefully into every facet of Ji-Ah’s life. As the soldiers arrive, tensions with friends rise and the question of who you can trust truly becomes life or death. Atticus is shipped right into the fire and it’s there, after combat, the paths of Ji-Ah and Atticus cross.

Showrunner Misha Green continues her worldbuilding by giving us a look into Atticus before the baggage and weight he carried home with him on that bus ride in Episode 1. The power in seeing these decisions he made while following orders, and also managing to find the humanity and good in himself, as well as others, while fighting his demons, proves to be a bright spot in this eerie, twisting dark episode. For Episode 6 of HBO’s LOVECRAFT COUNTRY, no matter how you try to hide your deepest, darkest secrets, they will always seek out and find the light.

For more on LOVECRAFT COUNTRY, check out our review of Episodes 1-5 here. Tune into HBO each Sunday at 9/8c for new episodes of LOVECRAFT COUNTRY.

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