[News] A DARK PATH Arrives on Digital, VOD & Digital September 15
Courtesy of Trinity Creative Partnership
Trinity Creative Partnership has released the official trailer and poster for the creepy creature feature, A DARK PATH. Make sure you check out the trailer below and let us know what you think.

On their way home from a party in eastern Europe, sisters Abi and Lily get lost. With no signal and an unreliable GPS, they try to navigate their way out using road signs. Along a narrow road, through a deep forest, their front tire suddenly blows out. With no spare or cell service, they are completely cut off.

Soon they discover that this is no ordinary forest and there is a reason no cars come up here, for the locals know of what lives deep in the woods and if they’re woken, there is nowhere to run.

A DARK PATH stars Makenna Guyler (The Barge People, Vampire Virus), Mari Beaseley (Undercover Hooligan, Robin Hood: The Rebellion), Thomasin Lockwood (When Sky Was Sea, Palindrome), Jimmy Essex (“Hollyoaks”), Annabel Mackinnon-Austin, Grace Long (“Deep Water”, The Modern Way), and Adrian Dimberline (Edge of Extinction, Bone Breaker).

The film is written and directed by Nicholas Winter (Lost a Girl, Bone Breaker). The film is produced by Lucinda Rhodes Thakrar (House of Shadows, Arthur & Merlin: Knights of Camelot).

A DARK PATH will arrive on Digital, Video on Demand, and DVD on September 15, 2020, through Trinity Creative Partnership.

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