[News] First Terrifying Clip from EVIL UNDER THE SKIN Revealed
Courtesy of Midnight Releasing
Midnight Releasing has revealed the first terrifying clip from their upcoming horror film, EVIL UNDER THE SKIN. Make sure you check out the clip below and let us know what you think!

A mother will do anything for her child.

A mother and daughter head off for a secluded weekend to reconnect but little do they know the sordid past of the home they’re staying in let alone the strangeness it attracts as they descend into madness.

EVIL UNDER THE SKIN stars Helene Udy (My Bloody Valentine, The Dead Zone), Carl Bailey (No Man’s Land, A Ship of Human Skin), Tim O’Hearn (Johnny Gruesome, The Theatre of Terror), Donna Hamblin (Angel of Reckoning, Pawns’ Volition), and Angela Barajas (Burn Off, Apophis 2029).

The film is directed by Jeffrey Schneider (Alien Wars: Judgement Day, Lake Noir) and written by Luc Bernier (Type O Negative Man, O’ Bloody Night).

Jeffrey Schneider’s captivating new horror film EVIL UNDER THE SKIN arrives on DVD and Digital on September 8, 2020, through Midnight Releasing.

Midnight Releasing is an established distributor of dark-genre independent films. The company is a premiere distributor of quality independent films in North America, with a focus on horror, thriller, sci-fi, and dark comedy. They are also the parent company of the notorious underground horror label Brain Damage Films.

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