[News] Shockfest Film Festival Announces Rob Zombie as Guest of Honor
Courtesy of Shockfest
On Thursday, August 27th Shockfest Film Festival announced their Guest of Honor for their 12th year anniversary in Hollywood, CA (which will take place conveniently on Friday the 13th in November) will be the legendary Rob Zombie. They will be presenting Rob Zombie with an award, which will be included in their program of events for their upcoming event, which will be available to attend online.

Shockfest spent the last weekend in Salem Massachusetts, bringing with it the seeds to plant a dark harvest of fear to the Witch Capital of the World in the form of their second portal event broadcast LIVE online, introducing the most familiar and prominent attractions, magic stores, organizations, museums and witches of Salem to the Shockfest audience.  Their mission?  Tour the country broadcasting live encounters with filmmakers, showcasing the often-overlooked facets of the filmmaking process (such as movie posters, one-sheets, and musical scores).  This portal to the other will continue to manifest in iconic locations, such as Las Vegas, New York, and Hollywood, opening a doorway to the supernatural where the monsters and mystics of Shockfest will congregate to showcase the flavors of these destinations all the while presenting finalists, nominees, and announcements of their Shockfest competitions.

Courtesy of Shockfest

Among the surprises of the night were showcases of the very best experiences the town of Salem has to offer.  This included staples such as OMEN, GALLOWS HILL MUSEUM THEATER, THE HALLOWEEN MUSEUM, THE SALEM WITCH BOARD MUSEUM, THE MAGIC PARLOR and REMEMBER SALEM (the Harry Potter shop on Essex street).  Additionally, the Shockfest team shared a series of interviews from the guides of their favorite tour companies including REKINDLED HISTORY, THE SALEM NIGHT TOUR, SPELLBOUND TOURS and SALEM HISTORICAL TOURS – HAUNTED FOOTSTEPS WALKING TOUR.

Landmarks and locations were presented, such as THE HAWTHORNE HOTEL, the historic and iconic hotel located in the center of town and the location of the popular Salem Halloween Ball (not to mention the home of a variety of other incredible events such as a Witches Ball, a Paranormal convention, many many seances, and psychic fairs). THE DANIELS HOUSE BED AND BREAKFAST, the (potentially) oldest bed and breakfast in the US inside a fully functioning 4 story house from the 1600s, was featured as a major portion of the broadcast as well.  Secrets and surprises of the Daniels House were shared on the broadcast including a hidden closet, hex marks carved in the hearth of the fireplace and rooms that have not changed for over 300 years, predating even the infamous Salem Witch Trials.

Courtesy of Shockfest

Shockfest will be bringing their next portal event to Las Vegas on September 27, 2020, with its newest competition, The Script and Scroll Competition where filmmakers will be submitting their One Sheets to be showcased in Las Vegas and a grand prize winner will be announced at Shockfest Film Festival.

Every month until their major festival in November, Shockfest holds a new portal event in a new city and if you collect each laurel you will unlock a secret laurel which will be revealed on Friday the 13th at the 12th year anniversary of Shockfest Film Festival.

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