[News] Mondo Announces Limited Edition THE MANDALORIAN: SEASON ONE Soundtrack

[News] Mondo Announces Limited Edition THE MANDALORIAN: SEASON ONE Soundtrack
Courtesy of Mondo
Mondo, in conjunction with Walt Disney Records, is proud to present the premiere physical release of Ludwig Göransson’s complete Season One soundtrack to THE MANDALORIAN as an 8XLP Box Set.

“It’s no longer a secret that Ludwig Göransson is the most talented and exciting person working in film and television music right now,” says Mo Shafeek, Mondo Creative Director of Music. “But what goes unspoken is his chameleon-like ability to play within multiple genres, even within single cues of his songwriting for the screen. His music for films like Creed and Black Panther showcase not only his collaborative nature, but also his relationship to pop and hip hop, as well as blending untraditional instrumentation with traditional orchestras.

“His score for THE MANDALORIAN is similarly masterful in its ability to be wildly experimental while never feeling out of place – like a synth spaghetti western score that feels inspired in equal parts to Ennio Morricone, John Williams and Hans Zimmer, while also never feeling like a pastiche. We are honored to be the home for this complete score.”

This limited edition, one time pressing features music from all eight episodes, each pressed on their own 180 Gram vinyl disc, with original artwork by Paul Mann, and housed in a heavy-duty slipcase adorned with Mando’s mudhorn Signet. The soundtrack will be available for pre-order on Wednesday, August 26 at MondoShop.com.

Courtesy of Mondo


Music by Ludwig Göransson
Artwork by Paul Mann
Pressed on 8x 180 Gram Vinyl
Housed in a heavyweight Slipcase
Limited to 3,500 Units worldwide
Track List

Chapter 1

Side One
1. Hey Mando!
2. Face to Face
3. Back for Beskar
4. HammerTime

Side Two
1. Blurg Attack
2. You Are a Mandalorian
3. Bounty Droid
4. The Asset
5. The Mandalorian

Chapter 2

Side One
1. Walking on Mud
2. Jawas Attack
3. Trashed Crest
4. To the Jawas

Side Two
1. The Egg
2. The Mudhorn
3. Celebration
4. The Next Journey

Chapter 3

Side One
1. A New Day
2. Mandalore Way
3. Signet Forging

Side Two
1. Second Thoughts
2. Whistling Bird
3. Mando Rescue
4. I Need One of Those

Chapter 4

Side One
1. The Ponds of Sorgan
2. Off the Grid
3. Can I Feed Him?
4. Training the Plebs

Side Two
1. Camp Attack
2. Spirit of the Woods
3. Stay
4. Mando Says Goodbye

Chapter 5

Side One
1. Warm or Cold
2. Bright Eyes
3. Stuck with Me Now
4. Speederbikes
5. Raiders

Side Two
1. Night Riders
2. The Hangar
3. Farewell

Chapter 6

Side One
1. Welcome Back
2. The Gang
3. Greatest Warriors in the Galaxy
4. Let’s Just Do It
5. Hyperspace
6. Little Mousey

Side Two
1. Tracking Beacon
2. My Saviour
3. Mando on the Move
4. Nice Family
5. Mando’s Back

Chapter 7

Side One
1. Man of Honour
2. Reprogram
3. Kuiil
4. The Standoff

Side Two
1. Black Skies
2. This Is It
3. The Arrival
4. The Mandalorian (Orchestral Version)

Chapter 8

Side One
1. Check Point
2. Nurse Droid
3. The Ewebb
4. A Thousand Tears
5. Nurse and Protect

Side Two
1. A Warrior’s Death
2. What Remains in the Tunnels
3. Clan of Two
4. Sacrifice
5. Mando Flies
6. The Baby

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