Recently, during a press roundtable interview for the upcoming second season of THE BOYS, Nightmarish Conjurings had the opportunity to chat with Homelander himself, Antony Starr, along with new-comer Aya Cash, who plays the mysterious Supe known as Stormfront.

In talking about Homelander’s power shift for Season 2, and where that comes from, Antony remarked, “A lot of what Homelander does is driven by ego, this desperate need to be something, to be acknowledged, to be everything he was not allowed to be when he was growing up. He had a pretty shitty upbringing and I think that drives the character for the most part.”

Antony went on to explain how in this new season we find Homelander in a very different frame of mind than he was in the previous season. “Season 1 was all about Homelander really trying to spread his wings…everything was very external and it was about him really trying to become what he wants to be which is basically a god, he wants to be a god.” Antony continued saying, “Season 2 is all about dealing with the repercussions of S1 because he took some very bold, avert actions in Season 1 to try and accomplish that goal of becoming an alpha god.”

One of the more shocking moments of the Season 1 finale was when Homelander killed his mother figure and top-ranking Vought official, Madelyn Stillwell. In Season 2, Homelander finds himself contending with the consequence of those actions. “In Season 2, he realizes when you kill your mommy you might not have that lovely person to lean on. They came up together so he’s really at this crossroads where he’s kind of got what he wants, he’s got more control, more power, well seemingly, but yet he misses his mother figure, his hot mommy figure.” Antony further went on to explain that, “Season 2 is really a balancing act between dealing with the repercussions of S1 and finding all these new things as well as parenting a new kid. There’s all these new experiences coming in and Homelander is much more opened up and much more raw and available to be damaged than he was in Season 1.”

Aya Cash and Antony Starr in THE BOYS

Not only is Homelander dealing with his own vulnerability, but he’s also dealing with the antics of a new Supe named Stormfront. There’s a clash between the two that pits Homelander’s old-school way of thinking against Stormfront’s ability to engage with the audience in a totally new and different way. Much about Stormfront is kept secret, though we know she’s media savvy and is able to take people’s emotions and channel them the way she wants. However, during one of the episodes featured in Season 2, Stormfront goes on a brief rant about the importance of pockets, something we truly need to talk more about.

“Ok pockets, this is serious business,” explains Cash. “So pockets, traditionally women have had no access to money or property so therefore they didn’t need to keep money on them. So men got pockets and women didn’t; there’s actually a sexist history to pockets.” This is a topic that Stormfront takes head-on with Aya explaining, “Pockets are incredibly important for women and Stormfront highlights this because she does not have pockets in her suit.”

However, Stormfront isn’t the only Supe wrestling with not having pockets. “Now, let’s be fair, neither does Homelander, but Homelander, excuse me, Antony Starr, does have a little tank that he can plug into his butt which cools him down in his suit. I did not get that!” We never thought conversations would turn to the benefits of cooling butt plugs but with a show like THE BOYS, can we really be all that surprised?

For more on THE BOYS check out our review here as well as our interview with Karl Urban and Laz Alonso. Season 2 of THE BOYS premieres on Amazon Prime Video Friday, September 4th.

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