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Many feel that their family has the strongest bond ever, but allow me to introduce you to the Wolffsen family. Once you are a part of this family, it is for life. And they take it very seriously in COMPOUND FRACTURE.

COMPOUND FRACTURE is a compelling supernatural thriller released in 2014, starring two heavy hitters from the genre: Tyler Mane and Derek Mears. For loyal fans of such films as Rob Zombie’s Halloween and Marcus Nispel’s Friday the 13th, you will have a bit of a nerdgasm seeing the actors who portrayed Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees battle it out.

We begin with an introduction to Michael Wolffsen portrayed by Tylor Mane, who left home as a teenager. However, he is on his way home after many years after the gruesome death of his sister Chloe and husband. He is joined by his wonderful fiance Juliette, played by Renae Geerlings from Halloween II (2009), and orphaned nephew Brandon, played by Alex Saxon. After some car repairs and hints they are being watched, they are on their way to the family compound. You heard me right. Not homestead or house…compound.

Upon arrival, they can see cameras everywhere along with some questionable decorations that seem to have a mystic flare to them. They are greeted by his father’s new wife Annabelle, who is beautifully portrayed by veteran actress Leslie Easterbrook. You might know her from Police Academy as Sgt. Callahan and Mother Firefly from The Devil’s Rejects. Good ol’ Dad appears and it seems like a great family reunion, but that all takes a turn. Believe me. The whole time they are visiting, you are given snippets that confirm that someone who is watching them.

Believing his father, Garry (Muse Watson), is going senile, Michael does not believe it when his father says they are in danger. That something is lurking outside for them, something evil. Enter Derek Mears, the supposedly dead husband of Chloe, and the battle begins. One fighting for revenge; the other fighting for survival.

COMPOUND FRACTURE offers you a gritty realistic set design and scenery. You can feel the commitment from the actors to their characters. They drive home the multiple emotions: love, fear, anger, disgust. You feel for them all as they are driven to the edge. This film pulls from many different elements and it is obvious the writers, which include Tyler Mane as co-writer, wanted you to know the pain felt by all. Though the supernatural element pulls out of element from time to time, you will always find yourself drawn back in.

COMPOUND FRACTURE is now available on Video On Demand platforms from Level 33 Entertainment.

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