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ATTRACTION 2: INVASION is the anticipated sequel to the 2017 Russian sci-fi drama Attraction. Both films are directed by Fedor Bondarchuk, who made his film debut with a highly rated war movie titled The 9th Company. He has taken a turn now, though, from our own wars to looking to the skies. 

Going into this film, I had two different emotions thoughts. Heck yeah, I love sci-fi flicks but also how the hell am I going to review a sequel. I had not seen the first one. But I am always up for a challenge. 

As the film starts, you get a very tech-savvy savvy montage of images from the original film. They are vague and it’s hard to grasp as to what is being conveyed in the scenes, but I welcomed any brief look into the 2017 film. Gathering that aliens had landed and conflict had taken place, I was ready to delve into the feature. 

Courtesy of Dark Sky Films

ATTRACTION 2: INVASION takes place three years after a ship crash-landed in Moscow and centers primarily around Yulya. Based on some of the flashbacks at the beginning, I pieced together that she had some personal connection to these aliens or at least one of them. A connection that is so deep that she is now under escort twenty-four hours a day. In class, at home, everywhere. She is also being studied intently by the government in a testing facility led by her colonel father (Oleg Menshikov). 

Things go a little too far in one test and she begs her father to allow her one night of freedom.  One night with no escorts watching her every move. At least, that is what they tell her. Ending up in a bar, drinking shot after shot of vodka, she is approached by a handsome man (Rinal Mukhametov) and you can tell right away he is no stranger. This is where the action kicks in. 

On the run from her father and the government, we learn that another extraterrestrial threat has arrived to eliminate Yulya, and all Earth if needed.  This new foe called Ra uses our world of social media and technology against us. Soon, Yulya is public enemy number one everywhere. Her “friend”, whom we now know as Khariton, is the only hope that she or mankind has. Agreeing to help, a plan is launched that has to work or all hope will be lost. 

Courtesy of Dark Sky Films

The number one thing I loved about this film was the spectacular effects and the concept of the alien technology that was featured in this film – a form of biochemistry that can harness water for its power. Each scene that showcases this and the aliens themselves is amazing. True talent came up with these ideas. Secondly, the action scenes are perfectly executed leaving no detail missed to keep you engaged. I even had to stop and rewatch one as I loved it so much. 

Though the acting does leave a bit to be desired from Irina Starshenbaum, who plays our main character Yulya, the supporting actors are spot on. They pull at your heartstrings and ensure that you feel what they are feeling.  You will care what happens to them. Trust me. 

Overall, this is a solid science-fiction drama. I do recommend however picking up the original Attraction prior to viewing this so you can go in with the full context. However, ATTRACTION 2: INVASION can stand on its own legs if you don’t mind missing a bit of context.

ATTRACTION 2: INVASION will arrive on Digital platforms, Blu-ray, and DVD on July 21, 2020, through Dark Sky Films.

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