[Immersive Experience] Terror DTLA: Son of Sam

After months of staying home, ordering in, avoiding crowds, and memorizing every single inch of our homes out of sheer boredom, it’s clear that we’re all in need of some new entertainment. But the current pandemic makes spicing things up a challenge. Sure, you can watch movies at home instead of a theater, but more tactile experiences are usually held at a destination.

Fortunately, the good people at Dionysus Productions were thinking outside the box when they created TERROR DTLA: SON OF SAM, a new immersive escape room completely online. This multi-chapter virtual puzzle is more than just an online game. SON OF SAM keeps things interesting by moving between digital mysteries, immersive film clips, and even physical challenges players must complete in their own home environment.

In the story, you are trapped in your home during a blackout. But the darkness isn’t the only thing to fear. A new serial killer, the aptly named Son of Sam copycat, is stalking the streets. Can you follow the clues to make it through the night alive?

As each chapter unfolded, I was pleasantly surprised by the ingenuity the game’s creators employed to make an experience that was reminiscent of in-person escape rooms while still feeling totally fresh. The team at Dionysus Productions understands that the most important part of immersive experiences is being physically involved, and SON OF SAM incorporates this cleverly. Sure, you could play the full sixty minutes on your couch with the TV on mute in the background, but if that’s your intention, I’d suggest picking another game. If you truly want the full experience, follow the instructions to the letter. Turn the lights off, crank the sound up, and lean into the journey. It will be worth it.

SON OF SAM was a thoroughly enjoyable adventure, and I hope that fellow home-bound, horror-loving puzzle masters will take the plunge. For more information, visit their website here.


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