[News] Tune Into The Brand New Spooky Podcast MISSING DIAL RADIO

[News] Tune Into The Brand New Spooky Podcast MISSING DIAL RADIO
Courtesy of Missing Dial Radio
Missing Dial Radio is a new podcast that tunes into radio stations beyond reason, beyond time, and beyond good sensibilities.

Each episode explores and parodies other podcasts and radio programs with spooky and delightful content. From radio plays, to love lines, monster documentaries, and more you never quite know who or what will come across your speakers.

Episode 2 titled “Dr. Batty: Weddings, Wolves, and Witches” tunes in to a local love expert’s help-line as she runs her new producer through the wild and weird listener letters. This episode also includes a very special call-in cry for help from scream queen Tristan Risk, which drops June 29th.

Missing Dial Radio is available on most Podcast platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Anchor.Fm, Castbox, or by listening closely to the static of a broken car stereo in the middle of the deep dark woods.
It currently updates every second Monday (until the signal is lost).

The cast for Dr. Batty includes burlesque performer Batty Page, Producer Lou, and Tristan Risk. The sound design and editing is done by Brett Ashleigh. The podcast is written by Tyler James Nicol (who starred in Tristan’s first directorial debut “Parlour Tricks”) and Brett Ashleigh.

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