Many may not know the name Ellen Wong, but they should. Ever since she fought her way into the public eye in Edgar Wright’s Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Ellen Wong has been steadily working in Hollywood over the past decade. You may have seen Wong in recent years as Jill Chen in The CW’s The Carrie Diaries, Misaki in Dark Matter, or as Jenny Chey in Netflix’s hit series Glow. Now, Ellen Wong is stepping into the influencer spotlight as Annie in INTO THE DARK: GOOD BOY, where her infectious energy transcends past the screen to the point where you just want nothing bad to happen to Annie ever.

For the latest installment of Into the Dark, I had the chance to chat with Ellen Wong about everything from her role as an influencer who reconnects with an old friend to the enjoyment she finds working within the horror genre.

Thank you so much for speaking with me today, Ellen! To start things off, can you tell us a little bit about your character and what attracted you to this role?

Ellen Wong: Annie is a wellness and self-help influencer who has just moved to Los Angeles to be closer to her husband’s family but to also grow her brand. She’s super happy to run into Maggie (Judy Greer), her old babysitter, and the two quickly rekindle their friendship. I was first into the film because Tyler MacIntyre was directing. We’re friends and I thought it’d be fun to work together!

Chico the Dog in Into the Dark’s GOOD BOY | Image courtesy of IMDB

I was jealous to see all the screen time you got with Chico. How was it working with him and was it difficult to be focused cause he was so adorable?

Ellen Wong: I kept wanting to call him Chico instead of Reuben. He is super cute and very good at taking direction. I was so impressed! I love that he’s adorable because it makes the monster in him that much more jarring to take in. And Chico definitely made us all happier at work every day.

This isn’t your first foray in the horror genre, having had roles in film and television such as Silent Night and Dark Matter. Are you a fan of the genre? 

Ellen Wong: Yeah, I think the kind of horror that GOOD BOY falls into is super fun because it creates these crazy worlds where so much more is possible… and usually not for the better, but at least there’s a lesson in there! You really can’t rely on anyone or anything to make all your anxieties go away, you gotta commit to the self-work! Basically, listen to Annie! And like Silent Night, The Void, or Dark Matter, I just think it can be fun to play in these worlds as an actor because the realities are so heightened! But then we all get to go home and the real-world is HOPEFULLY much better.

Ellen Wong, Judy Greer, and Chico in Into the Dark’s GOOD BOY | Image courtesy of Hulu

I know that Into the Dark movies have a quick turnaround time for filming. That said, how was your experience on set working with Director Tyler MacIntyre? 

Ellen Wong: I’m friends with Tyler so it was great to work together for the first time. It’s always so nice to have a familiarity with someone on set, as I find it helps me feel more at ease to play around. We also talked a bunch about the stunt at the end and Annie as a character before shooting. Tyler is awesome!

I loved the chemistry between Annie and Judy Greer’s character, Maggie. What was it like working with her on this project considering Annie has an interesting arc involving Maggie and Reuben the Dog?

Ellen Wong: It was fun working with Judy, she’s so lovely! Everyone was telling me that about her leading up to the shoot, and then she really was super lovely and open. She made the set feel so warm for everyone, so I feel like it wasn’t too hard to find chemistry between our characters. We were just as chatty about everything as Annie and Maggie were. And Chico was mostly quiet but very supportive!

INTO THE DARK’S GOOD BOY is now available to stream on Hulu. For more on the film, check out our review here.

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