[Short Film Review] PAMELA & IVY

I’ve always been a fan of Poison Ivy. I think that was the only good part about Batman & Robin. I think my fascination for her is in part because I LOVE redheads and secondly, I also feel a connection to nature. In the new short PAMELA & IVY, audiences get a deeper look into Poison Ivy’s true roots.

Leah McKendrick wrote, directed, and starred in this film alongside Eric Roberts, Jocelyn Ayanna, and Leilani Ballesteros. PAMELA & IVY centers around a gritty exploration of the childhood trauma and upbringing that spawned one of Gotham City’s most beloved and notorious villains – Poison Ivy.

This was such an amazing short from beginning to end and I now want to see it turned into a full feature. Harley Quinn got her movie in Bird of Prey, now it’s time for Ivy to get her time on the silver screen.

PAMELA & IVY is just under 17 minutes long but delivers the perfect backstory to how she became the sensational villain we know and love; and before she was Poison Ivy, she was known as Pamela. It was emotionally painful to watch the abuse she endured during her childhood, looking to plants as her only comfort; her only friends. In doing so, Pamela developed a split personality – Poison Ivy. This side of her was angry, vengeful, and ready to be set free of living in fear. But Ivy never left, even when things became “safe”, and in the end took over. As she entered adulthood, we see furthermore how she became the “Ivy” we know and the mad scientist that “helped” create her.

Still from PAMELA & IVY

The acting was phenomenal by all parties in this, but Leah as Poison Ivy was not only perfect but my favorite Poison Ivy to date. Sexy, seductive, powerful, vulnerable, and capable of great things. Eric Roberts was fantastic as always and played a character that will drive you absolutely mad.

The special effects are amazing and some of the best I’ve seen in a short film. I loved her costume design and her overall look. She was radiating with power and confidence in her new skin.

I highly recommend checking out PAMELA & IVY if you love dark and gritty stories as well as Gotham City characters. Furthermore, this short film features a well-written back story on one of our favorite villains. It’s the perfect character-driven story that will leave you wanting more! For more on the film, visit the official site here.

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