There is a world where money is valued over the safety of human life. Due to poor preparation despite several warning signs, a disaster causes the death of innocent lives. Some are more prone to it than others, yet it’s best that all stay from it. However, the upper man feels that this loss does not compare to what it will do to the economy. All the professional advice can’t convince him otherwise, so let’s open up everything for the public. It’s then that we see what a true disaster looks like and we are now afraid to step outside. That’s the premise of JAWS.

With one of the most iconic opening sequences, JAWS alone has held the standard when it comes to shark movies. Since then, every aquatic monster movie draws comparisons. There’s plenty of quotes that end with “does what JAWS did for the ocean.” It’s a classic whether you like it or not and the home video releases are always a real winner. It’s one of the few films that draws both casual viewers along with hardcore horror fans. Even with no CGI shark it still manages to provide vicious attack sequences, all while maintaining a PG rating. Oh, and it happens to be directed by Steven Spielberg.

While the younger generation of fans might be too familiar with summer staples, JAWS is known as the original summer blockbuster. Back in 1975, it was not tradition for studios to release promising hits during the hot season. However, JAWS success, which featured lines around the block, drew plenty of attention to Hollywood executives. Nowadays, anything costing more than 100 million dollars gets a summer release, piled onto other popular franchises and remakes. This draws out huge audiences, but few have the staying power as Spielberg’s classic.

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It took years, but now in 2020, we finally get a 4K release for home theater enthusiasts to show off. While some upgrades of other older films leave much to be desired, JAWS is noticeable. Showing off its beach locations, both during the day and night, we get a clear and smooth view of the cinematography. This is a Dolby Vision presentation that’s well worth the upgrade in equipment. My favorite aspect is always Dolby Atmos tracks which are provided here, showing off waves rolling about the speakers, especially during the shark attack sequences.

Owners of previous releases will recognize the supplements but are still satisfying if you’re a completist that doesn’t like owning several copies just because something is missing. The classic two hour documentary on the making of JAWS is included here along with another feature-length documentary of the legacy of the film. Also included is restoration footage along with deleted scenes and more behind the scenes supplements. In a rare twist, JAWS includes these features in both the UHD and Blu-ray discs. For those unfamiliar, many UHD releases usually don’t carry over special features on the 4K disc.

Labeled as a limited edition set, it’s housed in a vibrant looking lenticular slipcover featuring the infamous artwork. Also included is a sturdy book with plenty of JAWS material to feast your teeth into. This was well worth the wait and belongs in every collector’s shelf. The 45th Anniversary Limited Edition JAWS is now available to own.

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