[News] USELESS HUMANS Arriving on Digital & On Demand July 14!
USELESS HUMANS l Courtesy of Quiver Distribution
Quiver Distribution has revealed the official release date and trailer for their upcoming horror-comedy titled USELESS HUMANS. Make sure you check out the trailer below and let us know what you think.

A thirtieth birthday and the fate of humanity are left hanging in the balance when a ruthless alien crashes the party, forcing these four friends to save the world.

Brian Skaggs is a lowly technician at a second-rate planetarium jaded by his lack of achievements in life. On the dawn on his thirtieth birthday, Brian reunites with his three best friends (Jess, Louis, and Alex) to revive an annual tradition of getting wasted and watching the Leonid Meteor shower at his family’s remote farmhouse. Unfortunately, plans change when a ruthless alien crashes the party. Brian and his ragtag friends must step up and save humanity… or get drunk trying.

The film stars Josh Zuckerman (Significant Mother, “90210”), Rushi Kota (The One I Wrote For You, “Grey’s Anatomy: B-Team”), Davida Williams (Teenage Bank Heist, “Lizzie McGuire”), Luke Youngblood (“Galavant”, “Community”), Edy Ganem (“Devious Maids”, Made For You With Love), Maya Kazan (The Unicorn, “The Knick”), Joey Kern (Cabin Fever, Bloodsucking Bastards), Kevin Michael Martin (“The Last Ship”, Ritual), and Iqbal Theba (“Glee”, The Brink).

The film is directed by Stephen Ohl (White River Tales, I Wasn’t Me). The screenplay was written by Ohl, George Caine, Kevin Hamedani (Junk, In Her Place), and Travis Betz (Lo, ABCs of Death 2.5), based on a story by Ryan Scaringe (Steady Eddie, Waiting Game).

Scaringe produced the film alongside Jon Bloch (Dracula: The Dark Prince, My Pure Joy), Amy Lippens (“House”, Saw II), and Max J. Silver (How To Deter a Robber, Beach Day).

USELESS HUMANS will be released on Digital and On Demand on July 14, 2020.

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