What makes the horror genre so great is that it really is made up of several sub-genres within. You can always find a slasher that will make you scream or laugh or both. There’s also the gritty and rather dark films such as Cannibal Holocaust or even Funny Games; movies that can lead to discomfort and might not constitute as a date movie. In the upcoming horror/thriller film, BECKY, it may have the scenario of a home invasion movie, but it’s also mean as hell.

Comedian Kevin James takes on a dark turn as Dominick, a Nazi who leads other fugitives to a remote lake house searching for a key to an unknown source. Teenaged Becky (Lulu Wilson) is there with her dad Jeff (Joel McHale) whom she has an already dysfunctional relationship with. While there, he tells Becky that he’s going to remarry and though it’s not a welcomed turn of events, it pushes her to step out of the house in anger just in time for Dominick to arrive. This is when Dominick and his friends put the family through hell, with the intention of Becky turning herself in as she holds the key they need.

There’s plenty of buzz surrounding BECKY as James is well-known for his comedic roles and this allows a glimpse into an alternate side. After watching the movie, it’s easy to say that James is a menacing eye of the devil and a perfect adversary for Becky. He holds a presence that’s scary to question and could snap any moment in all his calm demeanor.

Lulu WIlson as Becky in the thriller film BECKY, a Quiver Distribution and Redbox Entertainment release | Photo courtesy of Keri Anderson.

Horror fans will recognize Wilson from her work in Mike Flanagan projects such as Ouija: Origin of Evil and The Haunting of Hill House. She’s already proven to hold her own, but BECKY proves to be a bigger test as she’s not fighting against supernatural forces. Her wit and ability to fight back is believable because Wilson is believable.

Now, here is where the movie falters a bit. Wilson gives a great performance, but directors Jonathan Milott and Cary Murnion spend too much time trying to stage “final girl” moments that we’ve seen so many times. We already know she won’t stay down, but a montage of Becky preparing for her big fight feels more like a spoof than an homage. The montage even ends with her catching a glimpse of her own reflection, letting us know she is no longer the same girl. The audience, however, has seen that same girl way too often.

BECKY does have plenty of strength especially when it comes to the kills. I will admit I was not expecting this movie to be as nasty and bloody as it was. There’s a sick eye-gouging sequence that’s crazy good and well worth the price of admission. This movie does not hold back on letting us watch the bad guys get what they deserve, which made it fun to watch. I’m not exaggerating here when I say, BECKY does not disappoint on the gore.

While BECKY isn’t a perfect movie, James gives a blood-soaked ride into the mind of a sociopath. BECKY arrives in Drive-Ins, On Digital and On Demand June 5, 2020.

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