[News] ARTIK Soundtrack Release Date Has Been Revealed

[News] ARTIK Soundtrack Release Date Has Been Revealed
Courtesy of Epic Pictures and Dread Central Presents
Notefornote Music will release a soundtrack album for the serial killer thriller ARTIK. The soundtrack will feature the original music from the film which was composed by Corey Wallace (coreywallace.com).

ARTIK is the debut feature film from writer/director Tom Botchii, who said that making the film was cathartic for him. The film had a successful run on the festival circuit in 2019 and was released by Epic Pictures and Dread Central Presents. ARTIK tells the compelling story of a unique serial killer named Artik, who sees himself as a comic book character, who is trying to save the world, and is teaching his son to follow in his footsteps.

The film stars Chase Williamson (John Dies at the End, Beyond The Gates), Lauren Ashley Carter (Jug Face, Imitation Girl), Matt Mercer (Contracted), Gavin White (“Black-ish”, 14 Cameras) and Jerry G Angelo (7 Faces of Jack the Ripper).

The film was produced by Angelo, Botchii, in addition to Kodi Saint Angelo (Gnome Alone, Warfighter), and Erik Bernard (The Village in the Woods, The Place We Hide). You can read our review of ARTIK here.

ARTIK is currently included with Amazon Prime and available to rent or buy on other VOD platforms and is also available on Blu-ray.

The album consists of 16 original tracks and will be available on all major digital sites beginning May 29, 2020.


1. Artik (Main Titles)
2. The First Round
3. Hope Rises Again
4. Tools of the Trade
5. The Forking
6. Abuse & Neglect
7. What Seems to be the Problem?
8. Holton Searches for Kar
9. The Chair
10. Purity
11. Buckle Up
12. A True Hero
13. The Sunflower Field
14. Kitchen Fight
15. Artik Loses It
16. Final Showdown

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