Whether you’re a skeptic or a believer, there’s no denying that a good conspiracy theory has the ability to capture the imagination. For most, the idea of fake Paul McCartneys and storming Area 51 are pure silliness, good for a quick chuckle and nothing more. But there are others among us who take conspiracy theories very seriously. 

These are the folks who buy tactical soap from Alex Jones and cite Shaquille O’Neal as proof the Earth is flat (O’Neal was making a joke, and was quoted out of context). To them, the world is out of control and the only way to wrestle some of it back into their hands is to convince themselves they’ve discovered something the rest of the world has missed.

But no matter your beliefs, I think we can all agree conspiracies make for good stories, and the short film CONSPIRACY CRUISE is a fantastically fun journey concocted out of all the greatest hits, from lizard people to chemtrails.

In the film, a group of conspiracy theorists have set sail on a very unique cruise. “Seven days with the foremost researchers in the field all while enjoying a luxury vacation among the ignorant sheeple.” The host is one Gordon Pike (Henry Zebrowski), a “former rock star turned conspiracy crusader.” But while things might look good from the outside, life isn’t as swell as it seems for Pike.

After an unimpressive start, Pike begins to question his controversial opinions. What if everything he believes is a lie? What if there is no grand conspiracy behind everything?

Just when it looks like Pike is about to lose his identity, things take a startling turn. Just who is on this ship, and what do they want?

I enjoyed the hell out of CONSPIRACY CRUISE. Writer/director Brad Abrahams has done an excellent job of creating a fun, self-contained story that delivers laughs without poking fun. Henry Zebrowski does a bang-up job as the self-doubting Pike, balancing the paranoia of the tinfoil hat crowd with the world-weary defeat of a man who has been in the game too long. A shout out is required for special effects artist Robert Lindsay. While short films rarely have a bountiful budget, Lindsay’s work doesn’t show it. Every second on screen is A+++.

If you’re looking for a quick escape from your day, check out CONSPIRACY CRUISE. Just leave your phone in the other room. You never know who might be listening.


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