[Movie Review] TORPEDO: U-235

I’m not normally a fan of war films or period-piece movies. That said, TORPEDO: U-235 is both of those things and holy hell did I love it.

Director Sven Huybrechts, who is rather new to the film scene, brings you a wonderful mix of adventure, comedy and suspense in TORPEDO: U-235. Do not let his lack of other projects fool you, this film is wonderfully directed, capturing moments you wouldn’t have thought would be needed nor would have expected. The film also boasts a well-written script by Johan Horemans and Sven Huybrechts that was delivered to perfection by the cast. In addition to authentic props and scenery, TORPEDO: U-235 features multiple complex and elaborate set pieces that show the dedication that the cast and crew had to bring the action to you.

The first 5 minutes immediately put me in the moment at the height of World War II. The movie wastes no time getting the action going and I was instantly reminded of the classic Indiana Jones films. The superbly choreographed fight scenes, the triumphant musical scores, the humor thrown in when not expected and normally in bad taste. It was already a recipe for success in my opinion and the opening scene will stay with me for a while.

The film follows a renegade group of resistance fighters with one goal on their mind: “Killing Krauts”. And boy do they get the chance. It doesn’t take long, though, before their expertise is sought out for what most are considering a suicide mission. However, if their mission succeeds, they will have killed lots of Germans and have delivered uranium to America for a bomb that could wipe out many. Did I mention this is all being done in a stolen German U-boat that they have to learn to operate from a hostage German U-boat captain? What can go wrong, right?

You will follow these characters through the waters, each scene more captivating than the last as they are being hunted by submarine killers in the air, German destroyers on the water, and you guessed it, German U-boats. Your heart will race as each step away they are met with another obstacle. You will gasp, you will cheer, you may even cry. Needless to say, you will not want to miss a moment of this journey. Though a motley crew, they learn they have to work together and do what is needed no matter what. After all, the mission must succeed. TORPEDO: U-235 arrives on VOD May 19, 2020.

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4 thoughts on “[Movie Review] TORPEDO: U-235

  1. So many people have trashed this movie. We need to remember how many people risked their lives to end WWII. The few left might look like just old people with their canes n walkers. In their day, they were total bad asses.. And, not just Americans, but other countries were brave.
    Our old neighbor bicycled across Northern Europe to save people. My work mate was sent into Germany dressed as a German, because he spoke German and English. And he told me he was scared to death–they had to perform deeds that did not have hi-tech options.

  2. We must not have watched the same film. Although it had a promising beginning, by the middle it had managed to use almost every cliche known for WW2 submarine films, ripped off a scene from “The Hunt for Red October” and blatantly stolen a scene from “The Abyss.” Without giving a plot spoiler, the actual completion of the mission was totally impossible given the climax of the story. Without plausibility, a WW2 film falls flat.

  3. Implausible and probably impossible . Well acted. Exciting. And a reminder of the all too real evil, sacrifice and heroism that permeated WWII. Born in the middle of it I grew up among those who lived it. May we never forget in history or fiction.

  4. The end sucks
    7 out of 10 actors were good
    Some were over the top irrealistic
    Started well but these typical Flemish non-verbal acting scenes are too much

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