It’s a scary time to be living right now as I sometimes forget that it’s actually the whole world being affected by COVID-19. While everyone has been spending more time at home, many people are discovering new shows and movies as they are forced to figure out ways to amuse themselves. When this all started, I saw posts and check-in’s on social media regarding people watching Outbreak and Contagion. I really didn’t understand it, while both films are great, they are also anxiety and fear-driven pandemic movies that answer the question of “What If?”.

Both are a little too real for me to watch during this time as I don’t need any more reasons to be paranoid to leave my house. With that said, I was surprised I didn’t see more films that are favorites of mine in other “pandemic movie watching” lists and I felt it was appropriate to share my own. Plus, it helps give these movies some more love as well as a chance for people to revisit or possibly watch these movies for the first time.


Angela is a TV reporter who, along with her cameraman, are assigned to follow emergency workers one night when they are called for assistance into an apartment building. It’s there that they find themselves quarantined against their will in the building as a virus quickly spreads amongst the tenants, turning them into rage-filled killers. REC is told solely from the cameraman’s equipment giving the audience a first-person view into a tight spaced horror fest that leads to one of the most memorable endings in film history. (Check out our review of the films here).


Eli Roth is known to the general public as the man who gave us his box office hit, Hostel, which led to two sequels and a strange remake that utilized the same script he wrote. However, he made his mark initially with CABIN FEVER, a modest budget horror comedy that brought back body horror to the mainstream. A group of teenagers rent out a cabin but become infected with a flesh-eating virus. Their paranoia intensifies as they question who started this as well as having end of the world sex since they’re certain for death anyways. Most memorable scene (I won’t ever forget seeing this on the big screen) is when one of the infected decides to shave her legs, leading to some layers of skin coming off.


Probably the most famous movie on this list due to the notoriety of the original film, 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE gave us the creepiest and most unexpected performance from John Goodman. Genre favorite Mary Elizabeth Winstead wakes up after a car crash inside an underground bunker where Goodman warns her of a disease killing off everyone outside. In the bunker, he claims they are safe from the infected air and people and goes off on conspiracy theories as well as his dominance over the bunker rules. This proves to be a mystery reminiscent of the best Twilight Zone had to offer as Goodman could easily just be crazy and holding her hostage, but some things add up proving his claims. It’s one of the best in science fiction to come out in recent years and deserves more exposure. (Check out our review here).


People seem to either love or hate this movie with a passion which makes me love it even more. I had no idea what it was about and saw it at a dine-in-theatre without ever seeing a trailer or poster. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who never heard of it as I was the only person at that theater. My cajun chicken sandwich was placed in front as I couldn’t sit still during the lengthy, but jaw-breaking dance sequence. Non-stop dance music and cocky sex talk helped us get to know these talented performers until they started feeling uneasy. Someone had spiked their drinks with LSD and the audience gets to witness the horrific aftermath as each person reacts differently. Once they realize they are under the influence, it becomes a game of finding someone to blame. CLIMAX is the most brutal dance movie you’ll ever see with a soundtrack you’ll listen to over and over. (Check out our review here).


This one is finding its audience quick due to being a Netflix exclusive. THE PLATFORM is showing up on those awful “this movie is causing people to be sick” or “people can’t get through all of THE PLATFORM” articles. While it has its gruesome moments, that kind of hype can kill a movie and cause disappointed audiences to give bad word of mouth. If you can look past those headlines, then you can appreciate its story and relevance. A man wakes up in a cell with a stranger having no recollection of how he ended up there. Two minutes a day, a platform with food is lowered onto the cell to keep them alive. The problem is that there is only one platform per day for hundreds of cells. The highest cell gets the freshest and fullest platform but the lower cells get the scraps if any are even left. It’s a fight for survival as there’s enough food for everyone if they only take their share, but fear drives those on top to take it all. Sound familiar?


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